When the Math Stops Adding Up


2 wrongs still never make a right.

1 wrong plus 1 wrong equals 2 wrongs.

Maybe we need to go back to the basics and teach the simple things we assume most people already know. Common sense and decency are subjects that need to be revisited. They are not second nature. They are non existent. Maybe less math and more morality. Maybe more right and less justifying wrong. Just a thought on this Tuesday morning.


The Alarm is Going Off


I’m really beside myself today. I cannot for the life of me understand how everything has turned into a war.

Fight to the death.

Kill and destroy.

What was the day, the hour when people decided to actively partake in destroying a fellow human beings life? I look at social media and how many people have come under attack and it pains me that we actually have a choice and some people still choose to use their time, purpose and talent to absolutely ruin someone or a group of people. Has hate become invisible to the hateful eye? Is cruel the new cool and it doesn’t matter if something is even true as long as we can catch a ride on the bully bandwagon of public execution? We are so much better than this and if we aren’t then we should be. Can people not give anyone the benefit of the doubt? Are we so undisciplined that we cannot even wait to get the facts straight before we pass judgement? Do people even know what the word grace even means these days? I just can’t tonight because my heart is filled with hurt for what we are becoming. This is not our purpose. We are meant for so much more than this yet we allow ourselves to be reduced to such smallness. This is a wake up call and the alarm is going off.

My Spoken Word


You may feel tired and beat down but you are not done. Your life is not worthless and you are not insignificant. It is time to say no to the lies that hold you back and isolate you from other people. We were not meant to divide or be divided but we have a duty and a calling to bring peace and unity. We are not chaos. We are called to bring calm. We are not here in this world at this time because we are nothing. Our purpose is great and now is the time to wake up.

YOU were meant to lead and not follow

YOU were meant to raise people up who have been too weak to stand for themselves. Do not just help them up, teach them and give them the confidence to stand on their own. If people cannot see, show them the way. If they cannot hear, find another way. We are here to fight the good fight and not be conformed to this world but to conform the world and rise it to a level that only those who are awake could ever comprehend. We are better than what we are becoming. It’s time to choose another direction. The time is now. Know your value, believe in your worth and make a difference. Turn the noise down and listen with your heart. You know the truth. You will not find it in the news…it exists inside of you. Fight by bringing peace. Fight by resisting to engage in nonsense. Don’t look the other way but look another way. You are the way. Be a lamp.

Be The Help


There are so many people I know who are suffering in silence somewhere. Life can be so good but there are times when we stand firm and out of nowhere we are brought down with an unexpected blow. People need people. When we are the ones lucky enough to be standing, we need to offer our strength to the ones who have fallen down. Our strength and our love can hold someone up until they stop shaking long enough to stand on their own.

Reach out to someone in need today. Send them a message, offer a prayer, give them a call. Your time and attention can be all they need to get them through a difficult day. No one is too busy for a 2 minute text or a reassuring hug. Be the help someone needs today.

You Reap What You Sow


There’s been a disturbing topic that has come up the last few weeks. I guess I have been numb to it until my eyes were forced open and I started to see the pattern all around me. I see it on social media and in the news and unfortunately it breathes its ugly life into families as well. People find fault with everything and everyone like they get paid for it. We are not put on this earth to fix people and especially not to determine who needs fixing. We are all sinners, a work in progress and we have enough work to do on our own selves before we even should have time to notice another persons flaws. None of us are worthy of that job and I do believe the generational seeds of criticism, blame and unworthiness have been planted so frequently that they are now growing out of control everywhere I look. The crops from those seeds are destroying relationships, our families, our countries. It is time to pray for crop failure that is tearing people apart and taking humanity out with it. Plant love and praise and watch how different your relationships begin to grow in a positive, healthy direction.

Today I say no more! Those seeds have no place in my home. I won’t receive them and I will resist them with every ounce of strength I have left. In this house we will find reasons to build one another up. We will speak positively toward one another and we will grow in the direction of love. Remember that you reap what you sow. Plant love and everyone wins. You want to see some change? Start here. Tell people what is RIGHT and GOOD about them and if you can’t see anything, the problem most likely lives inside of you. The time for change is right now.

THIS is the Day


This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Have you ever met someone who cannot find good in anything? It pains my heart to hear incessant complaining. Their words may change but the tone is always the same…nothing is good, everything is awful. What’s even more devastating is when a person cannot love and fully enjoy another human being because all they can see is what is wrong with him while at the same time missing all that is right.

This post is a reminder to pay attention to the tone of your thoughts and words. What you think and say will directly affect how you feel and there a good chance if you are feeling really miserable, your words and thoughts are miserable too. I know it’s hard to change. I have found myself in this trap as well but I can tell you that there is one thing that will pull you out of that dark hole every single time. Purposely make a mental list of things to be grateful for everyday. Just go through the motions at first and fake it if you must. With time, what you write down will feel more genuine and you will retrain your heart and mind to live in a place of gratitude. It will change your life and I want that for each one of you. Let’s start right now. What are you grateful for today? I am grateful I get to wake up next to a man who loves and supports me with his whole heart and that I feel his love for me every single day. Your turn now. Go! Tell me what you’re grateful for.

Where Are You Right Now?


There are 4 seasons. Some I look forward to, and some I just don’t. Living in Oklahoma I know that spring is synonymous with tornado and is often referred to as tornado season. It’s important to remember that life has seasons too. Some seasons are filled with happiness and blessings and other seasons leave us counting the days until a new one arrives. Today, remember that all seasons pass. One thing is consistent no matter who you are or where you live and that is change. Change is a force that cannot be stopped or avoided. It’s impossible for things to stay the same. If you are in a season that finds you feeling complete and happy then embrace it and celebrate each and every moment that brings you joy. If you are in a time that brings you fear or despair, know that those days are numbered and a new season is on its way. Take comfort in change and learn to find appreciation in every season for one most certainly prepares us for the next one to come. What season do you find yourself in right now? What is it teaching you and what can you be grateful for in this moment?