Which One Are You?


There are those people who open the blinds every morning so everyone can see the sun. There are also those people who purposely create a room of darkness to keep out the light. Which person are you?

It’s amazing to me how consistent some people are with their positivity or negativity and how they use it to influence others especially on social media. It’s time to be accountable for everything we say and do and how it contributes to humanity as a whole. Something to consider.


What is Your Ripple?


“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.’ ~Mother Teresa

I sigh as I scroll through my feed and see more headlines regarding the circus and clowns that participate in the show. It is clear to me that everything we say and everything we do inspires something in someone. So many choices. What should we choose? We could inspire outrage,anger, hatred, hope, Joy, love. The possibilities are endless so I suggest you ask yourself, what is it I am sending out? What is my ripple? Why am I doing it? What are the consequences? We spend far too much time talking and far to little thinking.

I went to lunch with a friend today and there was a sign that caught my attention. It read these words.


That is my intention today. Tell me what you choose? Be honest.

Plans Change


Last night as I was falling asleep, I made a vow to conquer the world today. Unfortunately the weather is much too cold so I will have to postpone until a warmer day. Do something amazing today even if that means just staying warm.

A Few of My Thoughts


It’s a quiet night here on the home front. I can hear the wind whipping by the window as the heat kicks on the background. When it’s cold like this, more than ever I am grateful to have a warm place to call home. We are surrounded by a bombardment of negativity coming at us from so many directions. I am grateful for this quiet moment of gratitude to remind me that despite what’s going on outside, internally I can always call on this sense of calm. It’s my safe place where I can go when I want to leave the world outside where the only thing I can hear is the sound of my breath and the ticking of the clock. A reminder that another minute is never promised and to stay present in the one I am given.

View From The Window


As I watched her car back out of the driveway, I felt the old familiar pain of feeling goodbye. Saying the words are one thing, but experiencing the pure devastation of the reality that she is gone is on a level that is indescribable except to the heart. I had no thought of ever losing her. I was so naive to believe when they placed her in my arms that she was really mine. Her wings are beautiful and her excitement to fly far exceeds my struggle to let her go. The house feels so empty without her but I’ll have this beautiful space where she remains here inside my heart. I survived her first semester and I look forward to hearing about all the adventures and new experiences waiting for her this semester. Until we meet again, enjoy this ride. It is your journey and I pray you take in every moment. Don’t ever forget where you come from but never lose that excitement about where you are going. You are only confined by the limits of your mind. Think big sweet girl and continue to fly.

We Are Glass


I went to see the latest Star Wars movie yesterday. There was one line that caught my attention. It went something like this, “Good guys, bad guys…made up words.” Made me scratch my head and think this actually mat be true today. How can one ever really know the truth? The only one who knows a persons heart and true intentions is the person himself. The rest is just pure speculation. Maybe we are neither good or bad but victims innocently trapped in a box that somebody else has the privilege to label. Maybe we are just people whose narrative gets decided by the people who have the audacity to try and write our story. Maybe we are too hard on one another, seldom allowing anyone the benefit of the doubt. Maybe we over analyze and believe the nonsense we tell ourselves because in looking too closely, we only see the part we choose to see and the whole picture never has a chance to be seen. Maybe we should look inward more and leave others well enough alone. We are like human magnifying glasses, only magnifying the parts we are willing to see. Maybe it is our glass that is faulty and not the person we are looking at and we no longer know the difference because our vision is connected to too many other things. We are tainted, distorted glass trying to see someone else with absolute clarity with a clarity that just does not exist. We are glass. We distort, we crack, we break and sometimes we catch our own reflection when we have the courage to take a look. Maybe we need to soften. Perhaps we need to quiet the narrative of our mind and look a little deeper with our hearts. Maybe we needn’t look at all. What do you think?

Could The Way We Hear Something be the Problem?


Here’s something to ponder. Maybe it’s not someone’s words that are so offensive but rather our interpretation of the words. This could clear up some serious misunderstanding and conflict. If we don’t like someone, we are probably more apt to interpret their words in a negative, unflattering way. Just a thought.

Two people can hear the same words but understand them to mean something entirely different. Just last night I told my son to turn the heat down to 71 degrees and he set the air conditioner to 71. He heard something different than what I said. No ones really at fault, our minds just work different ways. Remember that next time you get yourself crazy over someone’s words.