Important Things My Teenage Daughter Has Taught Me


It’s hard to believe, but in a few short days Kayleigh will be turning 14. It seems like just yesterday that I held her in my arms for the first time. There are so many things I would love to say to her,things that could save her from disappointments and broken hearts. Just like myself at the age though,there is not a single word I could say to actually get her to listen. It’s almost laughable that I have spent years protecting her, and shaping the person she’s become. Truth is, she is nothing like me in so many ways. She is silly and playful, and has this ridiculous laugh that forces me to laugh along with her, even when I don’t think something is funny. She is brave, and adventurous and loves to try new things without ever looking back and regretting what she leaves behind. She has enough confidence in herself to speak with a British accent in an airport in England. She has enough belief in her own voice to try out for plays, and to burst into song no matter who is around and listening. She takes nothing too serious and handles difficult situations with grace. She treats people with respect even after they have mistreated her, and is always willing to offer someone a second chance. She is definitely not the little girl I used to dress up with little pig tails. She is her own person with her own style. Most kids can’t wait to grow up. Not Kayleigh! She wants us to put 13 candles on her cake again because 14 is just too old. I’d like to tell you all the things I’ve taught her and put them into words. The truth, though, is the 90% she has taught me completely outweighs the 10% I have taught her. She has inspired me to make my 2013 list of new things I’d like to try. She has inspired me to take life less seriously, and make time to have a little more fun. She has taught me that the quality time we spend baking outweighs my dislike for cleaning up a mess. She has definitely taught me that tomorrow is a brand new day to be filled with something that shouldn’t be predictable. She has taught me to be less focused on competition and focus more on doing something because it’s fun. She is a free spirit and ray of crazy sunshine. I could worry about these tough years that lie ahead, but it’s nights like tonight that I am just grateful for all the ways she and I are so very different. She is definitely a unique person and does not, and will never fit in a stereotypical mold. She is my Kayleigh…so filled with life and consumed with her silly teenage self.

8 thoughts on “Important Things My Teenage Daughter Has Taught Me

  1. How beautiful – – you just gave me hope for the “World of Girls” – – I’ve only gotten boys through the teen years and now I’m the teeniest bit nervous. Mother/Daughter relationships can get so complex. I love how you describe this!


    • Thank you. I had to actually go back and read this one. Yes, mother/daughter relationships are complex. The best thing I ever learned to help us get along was to stop my expectations of who I thought she should be and love her for who she actually is.


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