Things My husband does that will never make any sense


1) Sees the plate of wimpies you made a week ago in the garbage and says, why did you throw this away I was going to eat and puts it back in the refrigerator.

2) Offers his opinion after you ask a question, as if you care to hear his answer.

3) Laughs at every tv commercial because that is the only thing he can pay attention long enough to listen too.

4) Sends a text at 6am asking if anyone knows where he razor is when he knows it’s right there in the shower where I leave it every other day.

5) Spends all weekend watching You Tube videos on how to change a part on the car, and still can’t do it anyway.

6) Buys 47 packs of hotdogs because they’re on sale that week but yet not one package of rolls because they won’t be on sale until next week.

7) Can walk out of a store with 2 cases of beer, but forgets the spaghetti sauce that you sent him in for in the first place.

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