A Chance Encounter


I had a rare and odd encounter this afternoon at a local Starbucks. There I was, sitting with a friend, when all of a sudden I felt a presence. I turned to see where it was coming from as a man walked through the door. It was no surprise at all, that he ended up sitting directly across from us because I knew, for whatever reason, we were meant to cross paths. I noticed as the man sat down that he appeared to be meditating. His eyes were slightly open and I could see a small part of the whites of his eyes. It didn’t take long for him to lean forward and engage in conversation with us. He was incredibly and refreshingly friendly and it was nice to have someone extend a conversation. So often, I sit in that same chair and watch people pass by. It’s almost as if I am invisible, the way they brush past me, seeing nothing but the phone they are staring down at in their hand. But this man was different.

It’s so funny how 2 people can see the same situation in such a different way. My friend was a bit leery of this man and referred to him as theatrical. She didn’t feel he was being genuine and I had to ask her this question. Is it maybe that people are so disingenuous that we can no longer recognize its counterpart in a crowd? Maybe, we have become so accustomed to people not looking into our eyes, or not extending acknowledgement of another’s presence that we look beyond the beautiful gift someone offers us when they acknowledge ours? It has definitely left me with something I cant help but give a great deal of thought.

She also told me that when I stepped away he threw his hands up and starting chanting. A few weeks ago, I might have considered this man mad, but now after practicing yoga and meditation myself, I understood him in a new way. He bid us farewell as he closed his eyes and reached his hand in our direction. My guess is he was sending energy, as he said he could feel we were going to have a wonderful 2013 and he would remember to keep our family’s in his prayers. I couldn’t help but hope, as I drove away, that there would be more people just like Nathan that would cross my path in the future. People that leave me feeling important and not making me wonder if my existence matters.

2 thoughts on “A Chance Encounter

  1. Sounds like a refreshingly nice encounter. It’s amazing what can happen when you meet someone who’s not connected to their phone / tablet / etc. Glad your day had such a sunny spot in it! πŸ™‚


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