If I Were a Cell Phone


Yes, I know the title seems a bit bizarre but I do have my reasons. If I were a cell phone, I would get all the attention in the world. Someone would check on me several times a day. I would be carried around carefully and handled with care. I would be held often and there would be little chance for me to be misread or misunderstood. I would install all kinds of apps. I would install that button that reads a response aloud, when the one I’m thinking about shouldn’t be spoken. I would install angry birds so when I was angry, I would find a way to let it all go and fly away. I would install emoticons to change my face to express what I’m really feeling inside. I would have mapquest so that I would never become lost and could always find my way back home. I would absolutely love my off button and use it often. Wouldn’t it feel wonderful to disconnect for a while and find a way to magically recharge? Or think about sleep mode…wouldn’t that come in handy when we are in the middle of a meeting or a long drawn out conversation where we could tune completely out without being noticed. I would install instagram so I could freeze those moments I want to remember in my life, and pull them out again whenever I need to revisit them. The beauty in being able to share those times with people all over the world. I would install Mytracks so I could remember where I’ve been and how far I have come. I would install kindle reader so I would read the whole book and stop judging it by only it’s outside cover. I would install i heart radio so if I didn’t know the right words to say, I could play them in a song. AND, couldn’t we all use a little more human FaceTime? I could go on and on, but these reasons alone are enough to make me a little bit jealous of that phone you are holding while I am trying to spend time with you. I cant help but imagine how differently I’d feel if I were that phone and not the person trying to hold your attention.


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