My perfect world


If you were given an opportunity to change three things in this world, what would you do to make it a better place? I’ve thought about this one a lot lately. I have made 3 small significant changes in my own life recently and the difference its made in my own life and the lives of my family are nothing short of amazing. I’ve realized that changing me CAN make a difference in my small world. And if those loved ones are affected by my change and then extend that out into their world, the change could be profound and far reaching.

So, back to those changes…

1) I would magically soften everyone’s heart. I would install a gauge that registers what your thoughts, feelings, words and intentions bring to another.

2) I would install a way for all of us to feel what that gauge reflects. I really believe that if people could “feel” and understand how they affect everyone around them, then they would give out better stuff, or at least think a little more before they speak, judge, and act.

3) I would install a sign over everyone’s heads that displays exactly what they are thinking. So many times, we are so caught up in taking things personally, that the way one interacts with us may have nothing to do with us at all. And sometimes, even after someone communicates with us, we often times were never able to HEAR their words.

Remember, your world is my world. We are all one and all connected. What we do to others, good or bad, we do to ourselves and to the rest of the world.

I would LOVE to hear what changes you would choose. Please leave a short message because I want to hear from you. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “My perfect world

  1. I love the one about softening hearts. I would definitely make that change. I’m not sure, at the moment, what else I would change or “fix”, if I could. But open hearts and minds would be a wonderful start. šŸ™‚


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