I Will Pay Everyone Who Reads This Post


I want to give you a perfect example of what probably happens on a daily basis. My husband has been away on a work trip in California. Today, he is flying home. He sent me a text earlier telling me that the man in the seat next to him was Pacey from Dawson’s Creek. Okay, this used to be my favorite show, so I text him back telling him to find a way to get his picture. He texts back that he was mistaken about the dude sitting next to him, but that Celo is actually sitting up front in first class. Me? I text back “neat” and proceed to post it all over facebook…kidding, but imagine if I had. The next text points out again he was mistaken but he was sure he saw Train in the airport (that just happens to be my favorite band). This time I wasn’t buying it. What can we learn from this silly story? Let this be a reminder of how we often blindly believe what someone tells us. I mean, why wouldn’t we right, because most of us are honest. Well, I’m here to remind us, that plenty of people aren’t. AND…the important part, sometimes the people we BELIEVE are honest do NOT always tell us the truth. That’s all I got folks! Oh wait…I just checked my phone!


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