Finding My Oxygen Mask


Ahhhh yoga! Let’s see, how would I describe it? Perhaps like an oxygen mask that breathes new air into your lungs when you can’t catch your breath . Or maybe the way it feels that first day of spring when you can finally open up all your windows after being locked up inside. That feeling you get inside of you as that gentle breeze blows through your entire house when everything feels a little lighter and the space expands all around you. Or imagine being trapped under a 200 pound weight and the way you’d feel when someone lifts the weight of the world off of your chest….that is how yoga feels. So, why am I writing about this. I went to yoga class today feeling extremely miserable and especially exhausted. I only slept 3 hours last night and my motivation to go was the Starbucks right next door. I walked in lacking energy and mad at the world and I walked out with a smile on my face feeling 100 pounds lighter. And I could have been, because that room was extra steamy today. There is something remarkable about walking outside after a good sweat, soaking wet and feeling the fresh air on your skin as you head to your car. It reminds me of being at the beach on a chair in the water, when the perfect wave comes along and hits you just right. That tingly feeling you get when you are slightly chilly, but still feel the warmth of the sun at the same time. Why am I telling you this? That’s easy, it’s just something that is so special to me that I want to share it with the rest of the world. I can’t really put my finger on why I’ve grown to love it so much. Maybe the flow of my breath with the movement helps me feel that flow in life when I walk out the door. Maybe that flow makes me feel connected to everyone and everything in a way like never before. Or perhaps it’s the steady I find in a pose, when I finally remember to focus. Imagine walking that out the door and into everything you do. Maybe it’s the position of lying on my side after savasana and feeling the support of the ground underneath me. Today, for the first time, as I lay back on the mat, I found that moment in between sleep and awake when the mind quiets and the body becomes completely relaxed. Sometimes I find it and sometimes my head just won’t quiet down. But today, I was there in a moment, and the 5 minutes I let myself go, made up for the hours of sleep I neglected myself of the night before. I sat up, sealed it all in and took it home.

There’s this pose we tried in class that I really have been aching to master. At first I couldn’t get my feet off the floor because I couldn’t find the strength, or I’d lean too far forward and fall on my nose because I couldn’t seem to find my balance. But tonight, I did it. Maybe it wasn’t perfect, but it was perfect enough for me. It felt so good when I got it just right. Tonight I learned, it wasn’t all about strength at all. It was about finding that perfect place between strength and balance. They go hand and hand, and one without the other does not get the job done. I hope my words help you find your in between. The difference will amaze you and maybe even change your life. Namaste.


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