Okay Smarty Pants, Answer This!


I was up all night worrying about the quality of my kids education and about the people in their lives that are supposed to be their role models. I have broken out in a sweat, had palpitations and mild panic attacks all night and as soon as the alarm went off, bombarded my husband with all my senseless worries. Then I remembered how perfectly he balances me out. He stopped me dead in my tracks when he told me stop talking, take a chill pill and look at him. Then he asked me these questions….who made you smart? Where did you get your education? Do you really think it was school? I love that man. I will defiantly blog about the answer to these questions in my ” To Be Continued” follow up. But first I need to hear your answer to those questions. I think this is worth thinking about and putting into words. The answer might just surprise you. If I don’t hear from you, I will stalk you, pout, and sit by my iPad waiting impatiently to see a response. Okay, go!

4 thoughts on “Okay Smarty Pants, Answer This!

  1. DJO

    I just really feel that in raising our children we can only give them the tools and knowledge that we have gained in our lives. I do realize that when they are old enough to be out on their own they are going to make STUPID mistakes. We, as parents, just have to sit by and watch because even though we have warned them they are still going to make these mistakes. We also have to rest in the knowledge that we have given them a strong sense of morals to make the right decisions now and in the future.


  2. Our kids need all the help they can get: i.e., the support from a mom & a dad … priceless, indespensable … My heart and my hat goes off to single parents. Great tribute to your other half’s wisdom, substance, partnership with you in this grueling adventure. As for who made me smart – – – it was countless mistakes, and good people who walked with me through hard times. Education? I went to five different universities, which correlates with my own history of A.D.D. / secondary trauma.


    • It’s so amazing how everyone’s life’s lessons come from a different place. I need to remember to put less emphasis on the school influence and remember education or being successful for life comes in many forms from many people. Thanks for reading and for your input 😉


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