Secret to Happiness



How do you spend your time? Do you find yourself around people and situations that make you feel happy inside, or do you put your time and energy into things that drain your spirit? I have made some pretty drastic changes when it comes to my personal time and energy. I used to think I was stuck when it came to how and where I would spend my days. I didn’t realize until it almost broke me in half that I do have a choice. I don’t have to participate in activities that leave me feeling sad and broken. I can choose who to interact with, who to have lunch with, who to surround myself with. I don’t need to be surrounded by the wrong people and circumstances so that I don’t feel alone, it’s the wrong people and circumstances that make me feel alone in the first place. I am so grateful I have found peace within myself. It is those moments I spend alone in silence, reading a book, or blogging that I feel inspired and alive. There is nothing more empowering or liberating than subtracting the negative things from your life. Time is so important, and we can’t get it back. Make a choice to use yours wisely…

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