Sitting in Starbucks


Dear person sitting in the corner at Starbucks. I am watching you write frantically as if you’re writing your last will. I can see the focus and urgency in the way you hold your pen. I can’t help but notice the way it moves across your paper after reading a few lines from the book that is propped open and taking up all the space in front of you. What are you studying and what are you struggling to become? I can’t help but wonder as I sit here staring at your tiny table while you are completely absorbed in your own productive world.

Dear man sitting in the cozy chair, why are you so busy today, iPad in one hand, and grasping your cell and texting with the other? I want to take your technology away and prop up your feet so you can sit back comfortably in the chair the way you are meant to be.

Dear young dad in the other chair sweetly holding your baby boy in your arms, caught up in conversation with the baby’s mom. Do you realize how fast that little guy will grow? Take a moment and look into his eyes because in the blink of an eye he will be 14 years old. Soak it all in because someday you will look back and miss these amazing days of watching him grow.

Dear 20 something sitting at the table in front of me. I see you scrolling and scrolling checking Facebook. What are you searching for? A comment, or perhaps that little green light that lets you know someone is available to chat. I am right here behind you waiting to talk. All you have to do is turn around.

I wish I could take all the tables and push them aside. What if I moved all the chairs and placed them in one gigantic circle? Would that lead to a conversation or would we still sit unattached? Would you tell me a story about your life that you haven’t told anyone else? Could we spend some time listening to each others voice instead of talking and communicating through our hands? It’s just a thought I had while sitting in this small space with people who are physically here, yet still very far away.


2 thoughts on “Sitting in Starbucks

  1. What a beautifully amazing post. You’ve hit on one of the reasons I love coffee shops so much. Diners, too. For the people you see there. I always wonder about the lives and loves of those around me.


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