Time Travel


Last night I traveled back in time. No, I am not some genius that has finally invented a time machine. My time travel involves something more simple…music! I watched Rock of Ages last night and couldn’t stop myself from jumping up and throwing a fist or two to the beat of the music. I can only imagine how crazy I may have appeared to my neighbors if they caught a glimpse of my crazy hair flying back and forth violently like I was possessed or something as I showed my daughter what we used our hair for back in the day. I’d even like to tell you I didn’t attempt swinging around my bed post in unison with the pole dancing scenes, but I just couldn’t help myself. My husband stared awkwardly at me, eyes wide open and not the way I envision he would gawk at some hot girl that danced on a pole for a living. My daughter however was completely amused. I may even have gotten a fist up pump or two while she matched me word for word in almost every song. Who knew Glee was singing all the old cool songs from the 80’s. I was amazed she knew the music so well. I
love that music from a certain era can take me back to a time that was so fun all those years ago and for at least a moment or two, can actually make me feel like I am that energetic teen I once used to be. The movie itself was absolutely awful, but the music was fantastic! Lucky for me, as soon as it ended, HBO played it again! Music from the 80s was fun. I’m looking forward to downloading some of my old favorites soon. What an great pick me up on a day I really needed one.

6 thoughts on “Time Travel

  1. Okay, wow. ‘Have to make some comments: 1) I’ve got to see the movie (I haven’t seen it); 2) my daughter and I connect with the music, more than my son and I do; 2) I get the music going in the kitchen when we are doing dishes together, and I play the air guitar, and now she plays the air guitar … and lastly 4) my last post had a theme of music, specifically Michael Hedges … but on the other end of the spectrum: the category, I guess is “New Age” music … but his accoustic guitar is second to none with the type of music he plays. So, yeah: music, time, and memory. Good post. Peace.


  2. yes, music is a time machine, i love playing 60s music because people my age are right there – feeling those hi energy vibes again–and i like to remind them that those feelings/that energy, is still inside and can be part of daily life again – albeit with a healthy dose of wisdom collected on life’s path.

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