Yes! It’s Finally Monday!


I am taking a new approach today. From now on, all weekend long, I am going to excitedly scream, “Wuhoo! It’s Almost Monday!” Seriously, why do we dread this day so much? I am going to try some reverse psychology and look at it as one day closer to next weekend. Some Mondays I don’t even want to get out of bed. BUT, THIS Monday, I am going to take one task at a time instead of dreading the the day as a whole. I’m looking for some company, perhaps a new movement. Anyone want to join me? What could be better that the day after the weekend becoming the best day of the entire week! We can certainly fool ourselves better in numbers right?

2 thoughts on “Yes! It’s Finally Monday!

  1. I totally agree! My best friend, sister and I deemed Monday, “Mermaid Monday”. Every Monday we go and jump in the ocean and swim around like mermaids! No matter what we have going on we make time for it! Lucky us, we all work for ourselves so it is a little easier to fit it in. It makes for something fun to be excited about on Monday!


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