It Only Time Could Stand Still


Where does the time go? What did I miss while I was looking away? One day I was holding this tiny baby boy in my arms and in the blink of an eye I woke up and he was already 11. I can’t help but wonder who he will be in this world. He is smart and kind and takes the time to make others feel important. I love how he yells, “have a great day mom!” as he walks out the front door. I love the way he asks if I’m okay when he sees me walk into the chair. I love the way he extends has hand to help a kid from another team off the floor in the middle of a basketball game. I love that he notices the little things like a new flower blooming in the sun or a penny all alone in the middle of a parking lot. I love that he drags the garbage can up the steep driveway every Monday without being asked. I am so proud of him and so blessed to have raised such a sweet young man. I wonder if he knows how proud I am about the things that really matter. The little notes, the lingering hugs, the way he looks back at the car and waves at least 5 times as he walks into school. I love how he apologizes when he knows he’s done something wrong. I have slowed life down as much as I can these last few months. I am trying my best to be in each moment and bottle them up, to embed them in my mind so they will always be there in the years ahead. I feel like I missed some of the details rushing around from here to there. I have taken my life back. At the end of the day, what is more important than being in each moment with the people you love. I sometimes wish I could stop time. There are some moments that you just wish you could freeze. This day, the day my baby boy was born is one of those days. I wish we could linger here for awhile, age 11, watching him become a young man in between moments of just plain silliness. I love his spirit..It is so big and full of love it could fill the tallest skyscraper. His laughter is so deep and heartfelt it could make even the most miserable chuckle along with him. He is contagious and his playful spirit brings happiness and smiles to everyone who crosses his path. Happy birthday sweet boy! I hope you never change, because you really are perfect just the way you are…

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