One Word!


It seems like the latest rage is choosing one word as a yearly intention. My friend just told me about this concept yesterday, and as soon as I started searching it on the Internet, it became obvious that this practice has been going on for a long time. One word to set up the 365 days that lie ahead is not something that comes without a great deal of thought. I’m already a quarter of the way into the year so I know I have to choose wisely. People have chosen words such as bigger, better, serve, intention, and happiness. I choose adventure! I think the beginning of the year has already played that word out. I have tried so many new things on my own, and haven’t let any excuse to not do something hold me back. So that is it! One word…ADVENTURE! Let me know what word you choose.


6 thoughts on “One Word!

  1. Not sure what word I might choose. It seems a tall order to try and fit an entire year into one word, but I think you’ve done marvelously. “Adventure” — fantastic word!


  2. DJO

    I’ve finally got it….RELAX. I’m always so stressed and rushing around. This is my word. Megen has also chosen her word…DARING. Meg said “I am so shy and I need to really step out of my comfort area.” I think these are each great and challenging words for both of us.


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