What Happened to the Little Bird?


The little bird did quite a bit of soul searching while he was on the ground. He filled his days learning new activities he wouldn’t have been afforded if he remained in the sky. He met new friends and rediscovered new ways to live and survive. He took it all in and cherished his new life. However, after many months he began to yearn for something familiar and instinctive. It wasn’t his flock he longed for but the freedom he found as he spread his wings and glided effortlessly through the sky. This was the day he decided to go back. He feared the old birds because of the pain they had once caused him. But this time, he would hold his tiny head up high and not even give them a second look. He realized that some birds only wanted to be around him when he had something to offer and he was smarter than that now. Up he flew, finding new freedom as he climbed higher and higher. The old birds saw him coming and gathered in groups to watch his next move. They made jokes that he was beneath them now and it was obvious to them he would never fit in with their superior little flock.The little bird didn’t even notice the other birds. He was so caught up in his moment of flying that he didn’t see or hear anything going on around him. He would fly wherever the direction of the wind took him and cherish every second of the first day of his new journey. The other birds couldn’t help but trail far behind. They couldn’t help out of their curiosity to follow him and see what he might be up to. But the little bird just kept flying unaware of everything but the joy in knowing there was nowhere he had to be. His wings would take him anywhere he wanted to go. And for today, it didn’t matter where that would be, he would just enjoy the journey and fly. I guess he was a true leader after all, because the other birds couldn’t stop themselves from following. They wouldn’t be able to catch up though, because all the time on the ground rested his wings so he would fly higher and faster than ever before. And fly he did.

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