Today Will Be Beautiful



Isn’t it amazing that we can look in the same mirror everyday but see a different reflection? Some days we take a peek and think we look great. Other days, no matter what we do, we are disappointed with what we see. Sure, some days our hair turns out better than others but lets be honest, our face is our face. So what is it that determines whether our reflection will be good or bad? Is it more than the physical object we see with our eyes? Perhaps it has to do with how we feel inside. Maybe some days we shouldn’t look in the mirror at all. If we feel ugly on the inside surely we will appear ugly on the outside as well.

Yesterday was one of those ugly days. I found myself dwelling and focusing on all the bad things and as a result I got more of them. Today, I am going to approach everyone and everything with a better attitude. I will actively look for the good in all people and situations. It is always there if we look hard enough. The glass is always half full and half empty, it will always be both. But how we see it, depends on the day. Some days I have the best intentions but I just can’t shed my human self. All the knowledge in the world cannot stifle our feelings and emotions. Today, I will gently guide them to a better path. Today, I will make it my mission to see all the good around me. Today, if I don’t like my reflection, I know I have the power to change it. What will your reflection be today?

Waiting to hear your thoughts....

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