TV, Leave Our Kids Alone!


I wasn’t sure if I would see anything on the news about the Glee episode last night. I remember not too long ago, I sat my kids down and we watched the memorial service for those poor children and teachers that died in Sandy Hook. Some people are saying its too soon, others want to keep guns and the terrible tragedy vivid and raw in everyone’s mind. My daughter is 14 and was terrified. She actually came downstairs and asked me to watch it with her. I was interested to see what she would say when the episode had ended. She was angry. She was upset because Glee is her favorite show and she sees enough of all this drama in the news. She doesn’t understand why she has to watch it on tv. She really doesn’t get it. The way media and television teaches through our tvs to manipulate and promote their own purpose. These poor kids are pawns. One gay couple was not enough? We had to bring in more gay characters. I really do not judge people who are gay. However, these kids are young and impressionable and I don’t think they should have every controversial issue shoved down their throats. Even adults are having a tough time with all this rapid change. Leave our kids alone. They are confused enough. They are trapped between this new liberal society and the religious and moral values they’ve grown up with in their homes. Kayleigh often argues every point with me. I believe our kids are being ripped away from us and they are starting to believe their parents are old fashion and stupid. I was horrified as we sat at dinner and she excitedly told me about the cool video she watched in science. Funny, we have to sign a consent form for them to learn sex education, but The Big Bang Theory can be taught without consent? I am not against teaching theories either. Some may argue, that its part of science and we can’t teach religion in schools. Well, maybe if we can’t provide these kids with all possible theories, we should not teach any at all. Does it really matter where the Earth came from? Who gives a crap. Teach these kids respect for themselves and others, enough knowledge so that they can get a part time job and actually be able to make change. Teach it all. And then let these kids decide what sounds true to them as an individual. You can’t give them half the information though. That is pretty misguided and selfish if you ask me! Thank goodness my kids tell me what is going on in school so I can atleast fill in the gaps. If we want to build robots, we should build robots. Stop trying to turn our kids into one. One good lesson my daughter DID learn in school, in between testing they are watching Lincoln in social studies. She asked me a very good question. She told me there was a line in the movie that referenced the President works for the people and not the other way around. She believes it seems like the other way around, at least with President Obama. We may disagree on many things, but sometimes the pieces start to come together on their own.

I have many friends that homeschool. I am starting to understand and respect the whole concept more and more. This picture is a silly little high five for them


Waiting to hear your thoughts....

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