Are You Your Own Worst Enemy?



I bet we can all relate to this one. Some days, more than others, we can be extra hard on ourselves. What is it we can do to help us through those days that can turn into weeks or maybe even months for that matter? We all have bad days filled with degrading, negative thoughts. The important thing is to be more loving to yourself on those days. Don’t high five the miserable dragon within and let him take up any more of your time. Get your happy back on, there’s always a way!

7 thoughts on “Are You Your Own Worst Enemy?

  1. Oh gosh. I am definitely my own worst enemy. On any day of the week. It’s something I’m trying hard to overcome, but it is proving to be a difficult challenge. This is behavior learned and ingrained within me from childhood, which isn’t an excuse. It just means that it’ll be harder for me to learn a new way.


  2. A good post, a short blog, that opens up into a large space for processing reality, perception, and truth. I worked with hardcore drug addicts for 7 1/2 years, and this “stuff” (goes by different names) is powerful, dark, and addictive. Hope is harder … but self condemnation is not that difficult.


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