Mixed and Confusing Messages


I have been so deeply moved and saddened by the changes that are occurring in our country and around the world. As a mother of a 14 year old daughter and having a niece that just turned 15, I cannot stop shaking my head over the opportunity afforded to these confused children to walk into a pharmacy and buy this Plan B One Step pill. I am the parent. Why should the government or anyone else be allowed to decide if my child can take or buy this type of pill? You can’t even go in and buy cough medicine too often, but yet a minor can walk in and buy this pill over and over again. This definitely skips the whole opportunity of the child coming to the parent and being honest and accountable and having some healthy life learning dialogue. I just can’t wrap my head around this one. Years ago, if someone got pregnant, they would walk into a facility and have this procedure(abortion) laying on a table wide awake. They would have to face the consequences and live through it and possibly learn to not make a mistake like that again. There would be the opportunity to reflect on the whole experience and face the consequences of having to look these doctors in the face and walk in and out of these clinics. Do I think we should punish and torture someone who faces unwanted pregnancy? No, I have a big heart. But I do believe we all need to face situations honestly and clearly and hopefully learn from them. Today we pop a pill. It’s a no brainier….no big deal. These young kids can go out, have unprotected sex with no fear of parents finding out or getting pregnant. At least condoms prevent std’s. Maybe fear isn’t such a bad thing. Fear prevents me from doing things so I can bet it prevents others from doing things as well. God Bless our poor kids today! They watch the media and the President stand in front of the world and refer to morals and values as outdated and old fashioned. Hear this: my beliefs, my standards, my morals and my values do not come with a time stamp or an expiration date. In fact, I believe when someone’s beliefs run deep enough they do not change like the direction of the wind. They don’t change to go along to get along. They don’t change for political affiliation or pressure from a liberal society. Real values, real morals, real beliefs that someone truly believes in are set in stone. It defines a person and their character. They are the foundation that supports the persons path of life. I just can’t stop shaking my head.

I turned on the news tonight and there was an argument between 2 woman about when we call a baby a baby. The argument was if a baby is born in a botched abortion at 23 and a half weeks what do we call it. If a tiny body is breathing and alive out of the womb is it not a baby? I am mixed on early abortion but am very clear how I feel if the baby accidentally survives. You either respect life or you don’t. You can’t have it different ways. There is a cartoon poking fun at Obama. The first picture shows him rallying for a gun ban as he says “If there’s anything we can do to save the life of a child we must do it”, then he’s in front of Planned Parenthood saying ” never mind”. I guess to see the hypocrisy in this comparison shed a great deal of light and perspective. This will probably tick some people off and I’m okay with that. At the end of the day, I stand alone looking at my own reflection in the mirror. We are all different and we all have different thoughts, and feelings. They define us, each one and someday we may have to answer for the decisions we make. I will however make sure that my voice is heard just as loudly and as often as the other voices that inspire my children. In the end, they will decide for themselves. At the very least I will present information to invoke their thought. No one will drown out my voice and the upbringing and love and values I introduce to them. Someday they will decide for themselves, but just for today, I will guide them along.

3 thoughts on “Mixed and Confusing Messages

  1. jackie

    Yes it is true that it is quite late and I’m skimming the pages of Facebook…normally I don’t do this. But from time to time I read and agree and live by some of what you write about. Also I give credit to you for voicing your thoughts. There is one thing I would like to comment on. Sometimes change in thoughts and opinions are good. I myself do not agree with the morning after pill, but that is neither her nor there. What is interesting is the normally non judgemental overtones of your blog seem to hide when speaking about politics…which as a liberal I feel a little judged, which is OK. I will say this it is great to stick to morals and values, but it is also great to practice what you preach and keep an opened mind to change. In fact questioning what people believe is what makes us American and thank goodness we do…it is the basis for the civil rights movement, women’s suffrage… and every other worthy cause before and since. Dare I even say equal rights for gay Americans. I don’t think values should change with ever so fical political agendas but we can listen without intolerance or judgement…normally I don’t feel that after reading your posts…but I did tonight. I will say good job expressing your thoughts and givong me this forum to express mine. I whole heartedly think that in today’s world we have much to live and promote…the only one way to do so is by seeing each other as equals …no matter what political views are expressed “In the practice of tolerance, one’s enemy is the best teacher” Dalai Lama


    • Thanks for commenting. Funny what you got out of my post. As a mom I was mostly upset by the fact that my soon to be 15 year old is able to purchase the morning after pill on her own. I am plenty tolerant and often not judgmental. When I hear comments about my beliefs and way of life being chided and disrespected, that is when I speak out. Like you, I then also feel personally attacked. What I say to you is this. I accept people the way they are. Even people whose opinions, actions, and behaviors are different from what I would accept for myself. I just think in these changing times, especially from the media, we get more of a liberal viewpoint. That is when I become frustrated because it is almost like us more conservative parents are represented as wrong and dismissed. Kids pick up and that undertone. However, I am really appreciative that you commented. People don’t usually comment when I write about anything political. Two way conversation clears up what we perceive to read and what the reader actually says. We are all by nature somewhat defensive when words affect us and who we believe we are. I am very truthful when I say I am a human being and I don’t have the right to judge anyone else. I do have the right to raise my children without being undermined. That is why I speak up. I have to counter what they are being told and what they here so that they can then freely decide for themselves. As far as liberal vs conservative goes, I believe people on both sides have morals and values. Politically motivated people however I believe are moved by something else. Thanks for the comments my liberal friend. This was not personal unless you are running for office 😉


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