I was flying back home on a flight tonight when all of a sudden out of nowhere the plane started rattling around. Turbulence. It didn’t last long but long enough to remind me that even when everything seems to be going smooth, the uncertainty of each moment can catch us off guard. We have to be ready for anything, open to what the moment may bring, and trust that eventually, if we hang on tight and breathe our way through, that moment will melt away and a new one will appear. We all experience turbulence in our lives. How we react says a lot about who we are. For me, I don’t tremble in fear. I strap on my seatbelt and enjoy the ride and use my breath to slow the rapid beating of my heart. In a crazy way, it awakens me and makes me feel more alive. Sometimes I believe it takes a little turbulence to help us recognize and be grateful for the calm. How do you react when you experience turbulence? Pay attention to it next time it crosses your path.


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