Only You Decide


I’ve noticed lately that people like to join a fight. If there are two people in a room, they will argue a point, if theres a major case in court they become part of the cause, teens on Facebook jump in to compliment a friend or join others in shooting down someones personal views. What is it about other people’s business that makes us feel we should turn it into something personal? Why do we turn others stories into our own? Are we so full of ourselves and so sure of our own feelings that taking things on like it’s our personal responsibility has become our purpose. Try this one on for size, take this personally. It is our job and our personal responsibility to spread peace and love. We all have a role in making this world a safe and pleasant one. Do we do this by encouraging anger and “fight” in others? At the end of the day, when we lie in bed and retrace our steps of the moments of our day, did we really do people and the world justice? Or did we start another fight or keep an old one going? I say drop out of the fight, wave your white flag and join the peace march. It feels great once you do. Let people battle their own circumstances. It’s one thing to be supportive and another thing to pick a side as if you are part of the situation. If joining sides means creating anger, violence, and hatred does it really feel like the right thing to do? Spread love for all people of every race, every culture, and for people who live their lives very different from your own. People are not alike because they share a skin color, a common trait, or a similar lifestyle. Stop pretending they are and start to look a little closer and see that people are individually unique. We are all different despite how much you believe we’re alike. Think about this next time you join a cause or start a riot because you feel it affects you personally. Choose wisely. Will you become anger and hatred today or will you choose peace? Only you get to decide.

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