How Do You See The World


It’s a funny thing. I have been thinking about the phrase seeing the world through rose colored glasses. There I was on a 30 minute ferry ride between the Greek Islands of Mykonos and Delos. I realized how silly I must have looked pulling my sunglasses up above my eyes every few seconds so I could see the natural amazing color of the water that softly cushioned the bottom of our boat. I don’t think I have ever seen a more beautiful blue in all of my life. It just didn’t look as vibrant and beautiful through my shades. It occurred to me at that moment that I often see the world through similar shades that have nothing at all to do with eye care. Some see the world through rose colored glasses and the rest of us see the world through tinted distorted ones. How many times have you been to a beautiful place but missed the beauty because of a reoccurring thought or future concern? Perhaps a bad mood that you just cannot shake can drain the beauty out of any moment. How then do we remember to take off the glasses and focus on everything as it is placed in front of us in its own beautiful, magnificent way, exactly the way it is meant to be seen? I went to an absolutely gorgeous beach earlier today. Due to circumstances out of my control I was in a pretty terrible mood. The timing was just awful! There I was surrounded by the natural beauty and wonder of Greece and I could not shake that bad mood. I can’t help but wonder how beautiful the beach might have been with a slight adjustment of my mood and mindset. Oddly enough, even my photographs dulled the color and beauty of what I actually saw. Let that be a lesson for all of us. Wherever you are, be there completely. Take it in, the color, the sound, the sight and the feeling, exactly the way it is meant to be in that moment. Take off the shades that dull the moment or fade the scene from what it actually is and see it, really see it. Look hard and then turn around and take another look. There is so much beauty all around us. Don’t miss your chance to see it.


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