Santorini, A Place I Will Never Forget


I have been blessed the last few years to have gotten the opportunity to see some amazing places. There is nothing quite like traveling and seeing an amazing sight for the first time. It’s like something inside you comes to life, a part of you that had been asleep for a long time and becomes an eager child ready to see and learn. Although I love and appreciate every experience, there has not been one place I have felt the need to return too, that is until now.

I remember getting off the bus in the village of Oia. I had already spent 4 days exploring the Islands of Greece, but Santorini was about to become a longing for me, a place I knew I would have to return. As I walked to the top of the cliff and looked at the water and village for the first time I was moved to tears. I stopped breathing for a short moment and I felt my heart start to pound in my chest. There are no words to describe what I felt or saw that would do this wonderful place enough justice to describe its beauty. Natural, amazing beauty. A perfect canvas for a beautiful scene. In my 42 years, I had never fallen completely in love with a place like I did this one. It physically pained me to have to leave but I thought I would share some pictures so you could see it too. If you ever get the opportunity, go! It really is a magical place.










8 thoughts on “Santorini, A Place I Will Never Forget

  1. When a place you go to (adventure) leaves such a powerful impact on you, I wonder if the experience changes you … enlarges you capacity for imaginiation / passiona/ thankfulness? And it my theory has any accuracy, then one result is that you become a “better” artists. I was curious about Santorini. Wiki says that one of the largest volcanic eruptions happened there at Santorini, about 3600 years ago, leaving a large caldera surrounded by volcanic ash deposits hundreds of metres deep. And some folks think that the eruption is the source of the legend of Atlantis. That was all before my time. Good post. It sounds like this really spoke to you.


    • It sure did speak to me. Santorini is now split apart into 5 pieces because of the eruptions. We climbed to the top where there is still an active volcano. You could feel the heat and smell the sulphur. Just a tiny bit of smoke coming out. THe panoramic view from the top was amazing! We took a boat to get from one area to another. We heard how the people disappeared and about the Atlantis story. Greek stories are interesting and intriguing. The volcano ash deposits form layers of different colors…the top being white pumice stone. The colors remind me of an exaggerated colored Grand Canyon. Absolutely beautiful 😉


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