Find Your Fun Side


Sometimes it’s the little things that warm the soul. The other night I was sitting outside watching a gorgeous sunset. My focus was completely disturbed from the noise coming the yard behind me. It was the sound of three small children laughing. Not just a gentle chuckle but a full blown belly laugh. I had to take a few moments to just sit there and smile. It brought me back to my own childhood and times I too shared that laughter. The pure joy of having fun and being fully present in the given moment. I wish I could have bottled that laughter up.

Sometimes, as adults, we become so serious that we forget to play. We bury that side of ourselves underneath a well dressed, mature interior that sucks the youth and the fun right out of our aging bodies.

Tomorrow we leave for the beach. I am going to try my best to leave the adult in me home and live the adventure through my childlike self. To be in each moment and take time to splash and laugh and yes, maybe even play. Why not right? Life is serious enough so why not try something a little bit different.

Waiting to hear your thoughts....

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