I realize as I watch the news about the Government shutdown, that I am having a little crisis shutdown of my own. When we go through life letting everyone and everything affect us, we stop functioning from our minds and hearts. It’s hard to ignore what is going on all around us. Like it or not we get sucked into black holes. Everyone around us is constantly spewing opinions and choosing sides and in most cases not passionate at all about what they are fighting over but just jumping on the bandwagon to choose sides. That is when the system breaks. When we become so influenced and overwhelmed by everything around us that we shut down…emotionally, physically and in some cases mentally.

Today I made the choice to go back to yoga. I have fallen off balance and I know that is the avenue to which I will find it again. I will dump everything and everyone from my world that doesn’t serve my higher purpose. That means I will hide people’s statuses on Facebook, turn off the news and not engage in petty debates that lack respect for individual views and are absent of civility. Today I will find balance and participate in a practice that challenges me to see with my heart, to see the good in every situation and person I encounter. It is only in that place where I will find my peace and have a safe and effective way to rid myself of the anger, selfishness, and conceit all around me. Today I choose peace over using my words to demean or insult. Today I choose love over power and the need to be right. Today I choose hope over despair. I cannot wait to get back on my mat!

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