My Letter to the World


Dear World,

We are in a time of transition. Everything around us is in a constant state of change. It is hard to admit that we have little or no control over what goes on around us, maybe even when it comes to what happens to us. My wish is this. I wish for everyone to see more with their hearts and souls and less with their minds. I wish people could address each other as human beings with feelings and not just as a person with an opposing belief. I wish we could take a step back and see how our egos are devouring the good compassionate people we are underneath our words or the toughness of our skin. I wish we could see the humanness in all of us and what lies far beneath our words and our desire to argue and be right. I wish we could step out of our selfish selves and listen to the person speaking to us without searching for our next response or the words to invalidate their personal opinion. I wish we could look into each others eyes and see the pain without feeling there’s a need for words. I wish we would value the word respect and ingrain it back into all our relationships and encounters. I wish we could let go of our need to be right or prove our point and take the hand of someone with an opposing view so that they know we understand. I wish we could see the difference between our personal truth and the real truth. There is a difference. I wish we could see that our own opinion is one of many and we do not have the right to label opinions as right or wrong. I wish we didn’t think we had the right to demean someone’s personal truth but accept we are different for a reason. I wish we could live in a world where a compromise was a win instead of this damaging win/lose mentality. It does not have to be one way or another. Our relationships success depends on our ability to respect one another and our willingness to compromise. Anything but that leads to fighting, and discord until there is a complete shutdown and the relationship comes to an end. Sound familiar? We are too different to label views and wants as right or wrong but we can respect everyone and find a solution somewhere in the middle. Until our President, and Government leaders on both sides set an example of respect and compromise, our people and our world will continue to use their words to bully, fight, and argue over the same things day in and out. Imagine if we used our words to show respect and love. Can you see how different the attitude of the world could be? If we lived in a time where respect and not power was what equalled success. I think about it frequently. I am not perfect. I get caught up in petty debates and choosing sides. I am on the side of respect and love. Bringing back civility to a world that has lost it’s soft, loving tone. I am on the side of peace and compromise and using my words to build people up or let them know that even though I may not agree, I value their opinion and hear their words. I am not on the side of insulting, demeaning, bullying or partaking in the condescending tone that has stolen our gentle voice. I am on the side of teaching my children compassion, and respect for others and will spend my every breath to teach them the lesson that they will grow more from stepping into someone else’s shoes than always only wearing their own. I am on the side that cheers for us to honor each other as individuals and to see our differences as blessings instead of roadblocks. I do not wish to live in a world where we are all robots, programmed to believe the same things, or think the same thoughts. I also do not want to live in a world where we are so pompous we believe our opinions trump someone else’s. Respect for individuality, compassion for others and our understanding that each and every one of us makes this world what it is today is the world I dream of. We all play a crucial role. I will end this letter with one of my favorite quotes and something I need to remind myself of on a frequent basis, “We are responsible for the energy we bring to this space”. What kind of energy will you bring? We all seem so insignificant but think of the power we have as we walk into a room or the great big world. You make a difference just as much as I do. Choose that energy carefully. Namaste


Waiting to hear your thoughts....

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