10 Simple Ways You Can Be a Better Person


1) If someone sends you a message, take the minute it takes to respond. At least acknowledge the person that reached out to you so you don’t leave them feeling ignored and insignificant.

2) Smile at someone and make eye contact. Let that person know you really see him.

3) Hold the door open for someone. Chivalry is only dead if you help kill it. Be the example.

4)Use kindness more than criticism. Criticism is the norm. If you want to stand out, be that person that makes others feel good about themselves. It’s contagious, you’ll see!

5)Use a pleasant tone. People remember the tone of your voice more than they remember your words.

6) Be selfless. Perform more acts of kindness for others and less for yourself. That does not mean don’t be kind yourself, just don’t be so self involved.

7) If someone is trying to merge, wave them in. Road rage and careless driving is killing people everyday. Will the extra second earlier you could have arrived make a difference if you don’t arrive at all?

8) Don’t go with the flow if the flow is toxic. Be a standout and lead by example. People will eventually follow.

9) Show compassion when someone is in pain. If you give someone that gift, I bet he/she will pay it forward to another.

10) Invite someone to do something. It really makes someone feel appreciated and liked. Couldn’t we all use a little more of feeling that? There is no better gift than your time and attention.

What do you have to add? Let’s keep expanding this list and pick out a few to do today. I challenge you!

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