Why is it that when we talk to a stranger we put a smile on our face and talk in a pleasant tone but when it comes to our family not the case? I’ve pondered about this a lot lately. I’ve even considered playing a little game with myself that I pretend my family members are strangers. Then, surely I would speak to them in a different manner. Imagine if we got easily angered by strangers and treated them aggressively. What would their thoughts say about us? I sure know what mine would say and I assure you, they wouldn’t be pleasant.

I have even imagined reacting to my own families needs as if they were a stranger in need. See the difference? It’s hard to remember that my family does not understand that the world does NOT actually revolve around them, but then again, how could they understand this when my whole life it actually has. It’s crazy, I know, and probably a bit random but I thought it was worth giving some thought. Let me know what you think. Do you treat your strangers/acquaintances better than you treat your own family members or do you treat them the same respect, kindness, and patience. Be honest.

Waiting to hear your thoughts....

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