A New Tactic


For the the last few months now, I have been having an ongoing problem with my 14 year old daughter. First, it’s important to know that I have been cursed with the clean gene. The only way I can seem to relax is when my surroundings are clean and clutter free. I guess I am the complete opposite of someone who hoards. I’ve always believed a persons surroundings represent what is going on internally. So, a clean, uncluttered house represents a calm, uncluttered mind. Maybe I tell myself that so I don’t actually consider I may have compulsive/obsessive tendencies.

Anyway, back to my daughter. Every time I go upstairs her room is a total mess. For awhile I tried to keep it clean, but once she started piling things on her dresser and dropping clothes all over the floor, I decided I was done. I closed the door and tried real hard not to walk in her room. It seriously made my skin crawl.

This weekend I went upstairs and to my surprise her room was picked up. She even made an honest attempt to clean her tub and toilet. Not really sure what the motivation was behind her new effort but I noticed.

Today, I went up and made the decision to organize her room. I figured I would give it one last try. I forget, being spoiled with my own personal gigantic closet, that she has a tiny one. So, I took out all her summer clothes and put them in the spare room. I even color coordinated her clothes so she could find what she is looking for more easily. I figure if God blessed me with the ability to clean and organize than I should pay it forward. Maybe, just maybe, she will follow my lead.

I will let you know how it goes the next few days. She will either be silently grateful or furious that I intruded her space. I look forward to seeing which she chooses. Has anyone else come up against this and if so what have you done?

Waiting to hear your thoughts....

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