Catching Up


It’s hard not to relax when you light a fire, throw a pillow on the floor, grab a blanket, and just let yourself be. That is where you would find me if by chance you could peer into a window of my home. There are millions of things I need to be doing, but just for tonight, I am taking a few hours off. Sometimes I wonder if time only exists in my mind. Some preconceived notion of what I should accomplish with each full circle of the hands of the clock. Tonight, I put my clock on pause. We go and go and go until we are so completely fatigued that just the thought of what we need to do becomes overwhelming. So, that is our red flag to slow down the pace of life while pushing the pause button on our imaginary and self induced busy schedule for a little bit of good ole fashioned down time. The dishes can wait, the laundry can pile up, and I in return will I catch up on doing nothing. Holidays are great but traveling and eating are always quite exhausting. So, tonight’s schedule will be filled with my feet being propped up and a whole lot of rest and relaxation. Anyone care to join me?

Waiting to hear your thoughts....

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