Have We Become Numb?


I was recently sitting around the dinner table hearing the usual “Grace Before Meals” when something occurred to me. Do we live our lives like the mundane words we mutter before we eat a meal or do we feel the passion behind our words and actions and live life to its fullest? Do we feel blessed and thankful as we recite the words of a blessing or have they become just words that have lost their meaning? Do we even feel at all or are we trapped behind the motions we play out day after day? Do you still get excited or moved to tears or are you there just existing and feeling nothing? I think it’s important to ask yourself from time to time so you don’t spend your precious hours and minutes existing while forgetting to live. I see it happening all around me. People sitting in rooms together but not really engaging. Often times our emotions and feelings get drown out by the tv, cell phones, laptops, and distractions that have sadly replaced our interactions. It’s almost as if everyone has become numb to being in the moment and actively participating in what is going on right there face to face. Can we get beyond the small talk and find the words to let someone else believe their life matters to us? Can we get as excited over a story someone shares as we do watching someone score a touchdown on TV?

I guess I am sometimes the victim of subtle knocks that I go overboard when it comes to holidays or events. The truth is I embrace those times and I stretch them out as long as I can and with as much enthusiasm as I can so they aren’t like just another meaningless mundane day. So, if I decorate for Christmas extra early, post too many pictures, get excited over every little thing, maybe you should take some notes. At the end of life, I will not be regretting what I didn’t do, what I didn’t say or what I didn’t feel. Because each and every day, I get it done with as much enthusiasm as any one being can contain. Life with no regrets, and living and celebrating each minute, that is my gift to myself and everyone around me. Some people love that about me, and others find it completely annoying. We are all different and that’s okay. One thing is for sure though, if you just go through the moments you will have regrets, but if you make the effort to live each one more fully, you will be amazed how your life will change.


Waiting to hear your thoughts....

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