2 Types of People


Over time I have learned there are two distinct types of people. Although they come in all forms, shapes and sizes, the way they think are one in the same. It is the interpretation of life and circumstances that makes all the difference.

Type A people believe their life is awful. They believe that no matter what they do bad things happen to them. They complain, expect, roll their eyes, comment on just about everything and every word that comes out of their mouth is a negative one. Their presence is palpable wherever they go. They are angry and bitter and unkind to those around them. They see others as the root of their problems and cannot see any fault in themselves.

Type B people believe they have control over what happens to them. They try and look for good in people and circumstances around them. They focus on improving themselves and take responsibility for the life they created. They generally let go of the past and try to take each day as it comes. They see themselves as the root of the problem and know the only person they can control or change is themselves.

So, what is the main difference between the two? Type A will glance at type B and just believe everything always works out for them, that they haven’t been cursed in life with the doom and gloom sentence of everything being a total disaster. Type B looks at Type A people with sadness and knows that the doom and gloom they experience is brought on from their own attitude. Criticism and negativity spills from their actions and lips which only brings them more of the same. It is a cycle in both cases.

Changing thoughts and actions can change your own circumstances. People get so comfortable in the part they play in the role of life that they are not willing to drop that part and take on a different role. Both types look at each other unfavorably. That is the part that is difficult to figure out. I think we become so comfortable with ourself that we fail to see the way we act. Imagine, if we could see our relationships , or actions and words play out in front of us at the end of the day. Do we even know right from wrong when we have been stuck in these destructive behaviors for months and years? It is hard to watch. We can see it in others. How then, do we see it in ourselves? I have come to the conclusion that when we love someone we tolerate them. Is this really fair to everyone else though and society as a whole? Maybe we should start calling people out and telling them their behavior and actions are despicable and no one wants to experience them anymore. Is love allowing someone to act rude, or demeaning, or allow their stifling presence to suck the air out of the room? I don’t believe that is what love is. I think we should hold people accountable for every word and every action and stop accepting anything less than kindness and respect. I would really hope someone would call me out. In fact I’m begging you to. What we need, is more people that are pleasant to be around, and less that make us edgy and uncomfortable. If we continue to enable these bad behaviors, the world around us gets harder to tolerate too. What then can we do when we want to keep the peace and love those that are in our lives? Is it worth trying to open their eyes or best to leave things well enough alone. It is a question we really need to answer as I see the behavior of others growing worse over time. I am not even sure people know the difference in behavior that is good and behavior that is bad. Pay attention next time someone demands a waitress or flight attendant to do something. Watch as someone hold the door for someone that doesn’t even know enough to say thank you. It is sad and it is happening all around us. When is the last time you saw someone stand up for a woman with a small child to have a seat in church? It is up to you and me and everyone around us to hold people to a better, higher standard. Sometimes leading by example is not enough and calling someone out and embarrassing someone for their rude behavior is a necessary must. What do you think? I’d love some feedback. Are you playing your own hero or are you stuck playing a pathetic victim? Only you can decide.

Waiting to hear your thoughts....

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