The Story Book


I believe we are like characters in the story of a book. Sometimes, we get so caught up in the role we play that we lose the moral of the entire story. It is only when we step outside of our character and take time to read the story personally uninvolved that we really see or understand the story at all. We have to find a way to stop taking everything personally, to stop reacting personally and stop inserting our me into every conversation and situation. I’ve said this before, the world is so much bigger than our simple selves. You are not the only character, but one of many. Do you take time building yourself up to be bigger than you are or do you selflessly step aside and see you are just one, small, insignificant character in a short story of a series of books that come together to form our lives. Sometimes our characters cross, and other times they don’t. It is your book. It is your story and only you get to decide exactly what your character is made of. Is your character a victim, a hero or an innocent observer? Do you ride into every scene ready for battle or enter quietly and peacefully? Can you see the good and positive scenes in the story or do you find yourself stuck only in the ones that are negative and bad. Choose your scene and choose it wisely. How do you want your book to end? Our lives are not only about ourselves. Each chapter of our lives is filled with events and relationships we have with the people around us. If you don’t like your character you do have the power to change your role. You are not stuck in a role, only stuck in your own selfish ways. Only you have the power to write your own story, and if you don’t get it right the first time, rewrite it until you find your way.

Waiting to hear your thoughts....

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