A Step in the Right Direction!


I know I am extremely hard on the school system these days, but when a teacher does something I think is great I feel the need to brag. The timing is almost comical and goes hand in hand with a blog I posted earlier today. At what point do we hold our students to a higher standard. Just a few seconds ago, I got an email from one of my sons 6th grade teachers. This was a communication regarding poor grades and how those grades are a direct reflection of work that is not being turned in.This next semester, she will be calling parents to set up after school detention after three missing assignments. This will give the student time and motivation to not only complete the work they neglected to do the first time, but also prevent this situation from occurring a second time. Finally, someone that sends the message that handing your work in is important. Now, if we could get the high school on board I would be ecstatic. Bravo to her for for taking a new approach and caring about our children. She is a true leader and I hope other teachers follow her example.

6 thoughts on “A Step in the Right Direction!

    • Yes, I agree. I just joined a committee to improve communication in the school. It makes such a tremendous difference. I am surprised the school allowed this but the school has a terrible reputation and is desperate to bring it up to the level of other schools. They are very passive and the kids are too. I am just thrilled that a teacher will enforce handing in the work. I make my son do the work and hand it into me even if the teacher won’t accept it late. Most teachers do, but his math teacher won’t. He now knows he might as well do it on time and finish it so it counts as a grade. I am trying 😉


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