My Weekly Feel Good Story


So, I made it my personal goal to share at least one positive story a week. With all the horror stories and heartbreaking news we hear on a daily basis, it is important we read about something good. I found this story by Fox News that reminded me a small act of kindness is not only contagious but does the entire world a whole lot of good. Here is the story as it was written.

Boy writes special message in snow outside hospital for sick mother

14-year-old Will Hart wrote, “Hi Mom. God Bless U,” at the top of the parking garage outside Rush University Medical Center.

Shari Hart was diagnosed with leukemia and has been in the hospital since last week.

“I thought it would be nice for my mom to see it and for others to feel happy,” Will said.

“When I saw what he wrote I was just proud and amazed that you could think of doing something as spectacular as that for me, just outside my window for everyone to see. It was a big proud mommy moment,” said Shari.

Nurses say the message has really hit home for cancer patients at the hospital.

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I can’t help but think how I would feel as a patient if I looked out my window and saw this message of love and hope. To think that someone took the time to express their love for the entire side of the hospital to see and the warmth that mother felt in her heart the second she spotted those few sweet words. Imagine not knowing if that message was for you but knowing it was the exact message you needed at just the right time. What a selfless, kind act that can mean so much to the ones that were fortunate enough to look out their window and read those words. What an inspirational, feel good story that’s makes us believe there is so much good in the world if only someone would help us see it. Imagine a news program or segment that only reported the stories that warmed our hearts instead of hardening them. Spread happy. Spread kindness. Spread good news. We all need to hear it once in a while.


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