Cold and Gray


Today was wonderful. I don’t usually look forward to cold, cloudy days, but this one provided some much needed stillness and rest. I love when it stays dark all day. For in the darkness there is a message. It says, don’t clean because you won’t notice the dust if the sun does not come out. Don’t jump up and go because it is cold, stay at home and keep warm. And the best message of all, take a warm bath, build a fire and sit around in your pajamas all day so you are completely comfortable and at rest.

So, today I listened and that is exactly what I decided to do. It’s okay to rest once awhile and fight the pressure in your mind that tries to convince you that you’re always supposed to be moving and doing and going. It’s okay to shut that voice off in your head that never finds a minute to just let you be in the moment to enjoy doing nothing. Today, I beat that voice. Today I listened to what I needed and not what my mind believed I should do. Today, peace won over busyness and calm won over craziness. Today I am content and happy and enjoying the quiet calm each moment brings. It is days like these that repair the damage that a busy week can bring, it is days like these that prepare us to get through the busy days that are about to come and it is days like these that I find gratitude in the little moments that make the greatest difference. Here’s hoping you had a chilly, gray day too….

6 thoughts on “Cold and Gray

  1. Nope! Sorry to say we don’t get that here. Look it up. 85 friggin degrees. HOT sun beating down, illuminating every flaw, scar, wrinkle. Draining me of any energy I would have, which is already not much. I know I sound like a whiny person but this really is extreme here. We are having a horrible drought and there seems to be no end in sight. I love how you described your day and I agree that when the weather is conducive to those activities, somehow the body and mind feel permission has been granted without having to feel guilty. Soooooo envious.


  2. Sounds WONDERFUL!! Today was very sunny here and I did feel the pressure to do something outdoors. But it turned out to feel great to be outdoors and absorb some of that sunshine. Good for you for resting and pampering yourself.


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