A Little Bit of Gratitude Goes a Long Way


Today, I decided to find ways to be grateful. I set my day up to purposely do things that would make me feel good. Sometimes, we have to step outside of our normal schedule to schedule in some much needed me time. I neglected everything I tell myself should absolutely do every Monday. Even now, as I sit here and blog and I am outside enjoying the beautiful weather by my pool. It is a gorgeous 76 degree day and the wind is blowing softly enough to not be a nuisance. I am reminded that after a long, cold, dark winter comes a sunny spring. There is hope in knowing that soon the flowers will be blooming and the leaves will be a beautiful color on the trees. There is hope in knowing that life will spring to attention and and quiet, empty yards will be filled once again with the sound of children playing and laughing. I can hear my neighbors kids now, all three of them happily yelling and having fun. I think as we grow older we forget how to play. The fun we used to enjoy for hours is drowned out by our adult responsibilities. Yesterday, our family played frisbee. It’s making time for those simple activities that can bring a much needed change in perspective. Sometimes I wish we could always be like a small child, our eyes filled with excitement and wonder and our hearts open to all around us. It’s their silly, little nature that I miss the most. I want to to hear a belly laugh come from my own body. I want to feel so silly that I giggle for hours. I am on a quest to find the playful side of my spirit. But for now, finding things to be grateful for and making the time to feel that gratitude is the first step to a better place. When is the last time you played or really laughed? Life is too short to wait.


4 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Gratitude Goes a Long Way

  1. Hey there. Good for you. A thankful spirit can do a world of wonders. And now I’m jealous, you have a pool. I would so be in my pool all the time if I had one. The weather, most of the year here is warm/hot, so a pool would definitely hit the spot.


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