What Do You Expect?


So, today’s yoga lesson was about expectations. Have you ever thought about how much or how little you expect from yourself and especially others? I made a mental list today and I admit I was deeply disappointed. I hold everyone including myself to such a high standard that it would be nearly impossible to satisfy my ridiculous expectations. The good thing though, if there is one, is that I don’t let myself off the hook. At least my playing field is even and everyone has the same unfair disadvantage.

Looking deeper into my silly life I see it much clearer now. I am a perfectionist and not only do I expect people to do things meticulously, I expect them to do it exactly the perfect way I would do it myself. As I type the words, believe me, I get how silly I sound. Do what I want, as fast as I want you to and at the exact time I feel it should be done. Geez, can you imagine if I was your boss? People would cheer if I missed a day at work.

Acknowledging the truth about yourself is the first step in changing the things that don’t do you or anyone else any good. I am going to try and be better about being more grateful for the things people do and less judgmental about the way I feel they should be doing it. It is a struggle and one that will take time and patience to bring about even the smallest degree of change. My approach will be making an honest effort to step outside myself and observe every time I have an expectation. I am going to become my own, nicer, more tolerant boss that hopefully in time can extend the same consideration to everyone around me as well. So, please self! Give us all a break and please lower your expectations as much as you are possibly able until one day, just maybe, they will fade away.


6 thoughts on “What Do You Expect?

  1. People come and go, jobs come ad go, money comes and goes, health comes and goes, etc… I have learned that chasing expectations is more about my shortcomings than others’. I don’t put my hope in any of those things. After all, even the most famous, rich stars who are surrounded by great achievers and doers, many times end up taking there lives. The answer cannot be in how others or things in our circumstances go…..just my opinion!


  2. I soooo hear you hear. I think that perfectionism is an unreachable illusion. I have also placed high expectations on others in the past, believe me. My husband once told me that I he doesn’t feel like he can ever make a mistake around me. He believes that it comes from North American culture mind-set (being that he is Brazilian). I have learnt though, that with time, age and experience, we do start to see clearer and understand more.


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