My New Don’t Leave Home Without It Checklist


1) A GOOD attitude or just stay home

2) An open mind. Who knows what wonderful things are out there waiting for you to receive them?Be open and ready so you don’t miss out

3) Positivity. Keep it in your pocket to counteract the negative you’re guaranteed to come across

4) Kindness Magnifying Glass so you can look a little closer when you think there’s none of it out there

5) Megaphone in case you really need to get someone’s attention like your daughter, when she forgets to say goodbye when you drop her off at school

Help me add to the list. What did I forget?

19 thoughts on “My New Don’t Leave Home Without It Checklist

  1. A bumper sticker that says, “Love the Life You Live and Live the Life You Love.” Also – – I just wanted you to know I have been keeping my eyes open for some “mini megaphone” little trinket or gift to send to you because it just cracks me up thinking of you doing that!!!


  2. I don’t know if your online, but in my highlight may I use your name LOL, it feels odd talking about you with just your blog name, if you dont mind sharing your rl name that would be great, if not i totally understand 🙂


    • I wish I came up with this list years ago. It helps me take myself out of some interactions that don’t concern me. I’ve learned, when you take things personally, the world doesn’t actually appear the way it is 😉 thanks for reading.


  3. I love that megaphone idea…would have needed that with my children when they were little…may get one for my grandson…but I would add a notebook you can slip in you pocket with a pen…if ever you have to wait in line…anywhere, stuck in traffic stalled for way too long…scribble some thoughts down…stop for a cuppa, jotting a line or two those ah ha moments you forget by the time you pick up your daughter and she tells you about her day.


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