Reality Vs Perception


Do you ever notice how much angst and worry and dread you can cause yourself because your perception of what something is going to be like is completely off balance with what the actual experience is going to be? The torture and dread that we purposely drag ourselves through can be debilitating and mind consuming at the very least.

I got a crown today. I mentioned before that I already have an unrealistic fear of the dentist chair. I am not too proud to admit that. I can’t even count to a number high enough to tell you how many times I have pushed this day off and completely canceled my appointment. But, recently my tooth secretly started hurting. I figured if I didn’t acknowledge it, then it wasn’t real. Well, it didn’t take too many months to pass to lead me to the very sad conclusion that the pain was, after all, very real. So today I grumbled to myself as I sunk in the chair, but you know what? It was not a big deal at all.

I am proudly sitting in Starbucks wearing my new, temporary crown and I told my family, once the new one arrives and is placed in my head, I expect to be treated like royalty from then on. Will I ever learn? Will I ever recognize that I already have enough monsters to deal with every day so I do not have to use my creativity to design more in my very own head?

Now please practice, you have two weeks to properly bow to the queen.

16 thoughts on “Reality Vs Perception

  1. Oh yes, we humans have a tendency to work up things in our head to unrealistic proportions when in reality the discomfort is mild in comparison to the time we spend worrying and stressing!!

    I have been practicing bowing my lady!


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