Lessons From A Garbage Bag


It’s in the smallest places where we learn our biggest lessons. I asked someone to put a new bag in the garbage can earlier today. Every time Ive had to throw something in the garbage, the bag has fallen a little lower in the can. So what, right? Surely it will bother someone enough to finally fix it. Why should it be me? I’ll just wait it out and eventually someone will take care of it.

Well, someone did….me. The truth is if we see a problem than we should fix it right then and there. Otherwise, like me today, every time you come back in contact with the very thing you chose to ignore, it will become bigger and bigger until it grows grossly more irritating since the first time you encountered it. So, do yourself a favor and be that person that takes care of things upon noticing them. Be that person that doesn’t even ask if someone else should be doing it and just quietly and calmly do it yourself.

Can you imagine how little would get done if we all thought someone else was responsible? Yeah, I thought so.

18 thoughts on “Lessons From A Garbage Bag

  1. Hm, I agree to a point, however I offer this caveat: is it someone’s chore/job to take the garbage out? If so, what are you teaching that person if you do his/her job instead? My son (and ex) learned that if he waited long enough, I would just do it for him. So while that “fixed” the problem in the short term, it only piled the garbage higher the next time and the time after that, when I again would start asking him to take it out himself. Sometimes short-term fixes aren’t the best long-term solution. What do you think? 🙂


    • I replied to this earlier but it disappeared. It actually is not a designated chore and my son was nice enough to change the bag. However he did not fold the top of the bag over the can right so it slipped down inside. The crust of the lesson, and why I do things myself is that there seems to be a lack of people taking responsibility these days. It is always someone else’s job and people passing the buck. It’s so hard as a parent to find that happy medium between the two because I know all to well how my kids have won because they have waited me out and I fold. So, balance…how de we find it?you make some very valid points.


      • I love your thoughts. I hope my comment didn’t appear brash or rude – I certainly didn’t intend it as such. I applaud your need to find balance. I once had the honor of attending a Dalai Lama’s conference/speech. He said “if everyone took responsibility for their own actions, desires and deeds, the rest of the world would take care of itself in harmony.” That has always stayed with me and I still hope someday to find balance, too.


      • I say the same thing sort of anyway in different words. That must have been amazing. What an honor indeed. And no, your response was very valid and I often as mom feel used. I just try to look at the overall picture as my kids venture out into the world. I pray they have a better attitude than some of the people I come across. It’s always somebody else’s job. Okay, point me to somebody please 🙂


  2. Haha I like the talking trash comment! Omg your always right and talk sense what a great analogy however in our house if I did all those irritating things other people ‘could’ and should help contribute with I wouldn’t have time to sleep! X


  3. I can one up that. We threw our kitchen trash can away 6 months ago. It was torn up. So, we put a trash bag on the handle of a kitchen drawer until we got to the store to get another plastic trash can. Funny, for 5 months, we all have been asking why nobody is replacing the trash bag when they take it outside. The dog is tearing into the bag. It is not very sanitary. Yet none of us has offered to go get the original trash can we needed in the first place …


  4. No way, man! I’m the mom. I already do too much. I’m the one who notices EVERYTHING. I’m not doing it all too just because I noticed it. 🙂 I can see that becoming an enabling response for those who don’t want to notice things. At work for example. There are people who will realize that you’ll do it if you notice “first” so they purposefully won’t “notice”. It’s a nice idea though.


    • That is absolutely true. That is exactly why I am taking the opposite stance. Especially with my school situation. Well, it wasn’t my job or better yet I didn’t know I was supposed to be doing it. My message to my kids is always think that you are the one expected to do it. Set a better example for these people who pass that buck or pretend they hold no responsibility. Sure, maybe in the end it will require you to do more work but at the end of the day, these are the leaders and the people who become something more than the rest of the crowd . I want my kids to stand out. Know better, Do better. I know that isn’t always the most convenient philosophy at home when we are mom.
      I’m not saying allow people to get away with laziness and lack of motivation, I’m saying don’t become it because it is all around you;) thanks for commenting. You rock ♥️


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