Look Through Your Heart


Have you ever wondered how much of someone you actually know? You can spend hours, days, even years of your life with someone, but in the end, we only get to know the parts they let us see or even worse, the parts we allow ourselves to see. It’s so hard to believe that people are so much more than they appear to the human eye. We get caught up in our perception of who we believe they are or who we want them to be and somewhere along the way we forget to see past their parts to see the person as a whole.

I feel very fortunate that I am not afraid to bare my soul. Blogging has become a therapeutic way for me to express myself and I am comfortable enough to let everyone take an honest, open look at who I am. There is freedom in putting myself out in the open, being vulnerable enough to expose my strengths and weaknesses and allowing everyone to learn new lessons right along with me as I travel through my journey of life. There is a confidence that comes with knowing I am comfortable with who I am and I will continue to be me even if makes others around me uncomfortable. There comes a time when you stop trying to conform and find inner peace the day you stop apologizing for who you are.

There is another part of the equation too. I need to remind myself that not everyone is like me. I have to look a little deeper and a little longer to understand the people in my circles. I have to remember there is so much more to them than meets my eye and if I allow myself to become fixated on one part, I may miss an opportunity to see just how beautiful they really are. It takes courage to see past someone’s looks and actions. It takes courage to see past our preconceived notions and beliefs, but if we don’t at least try we cheat ourselves the chance to make every single encounter matter. Everyone has something to offer. Some may challenge us, but in the end, if we have the courage to look hard enough, there is always a lesson waiting to be learned. Next time you see someone, take a good, long look and ask yourself how much of them you think you see.

When your eyes become blind, rely on your heart, for the heart will see what the eyes cannot.


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