Just For Today…


It’s been a long, cold winter, but I can feel it today. I can sense it all around me in the pace of the people and the smiles on their faces. Spring is breaking through. The world even seems to sigh as the gentle breeze blows across my backyard. Even the chatter has quieted down inside my head replaced by the chirping of birds and the peaceful sound of the wind chime in my neighbors yard. What is it about the end of winter that makes everyone feel so good? Maybe it isn’t about an end at all but rather the beginning of what’s yet to come. Picnics, hikes, hanging by a lake or floating in a pool. Everything about nice weather gently whispers relax. It is a time to take notice of the new growth all around you. Leaves proudly start to show themselves on the trees and a hint of flowers about to peek through. Every season has a purpose. Every purpose a new set of lessons and questions. But today, I am at peace sitting quietly outside enjoying the gentle sway of this swing. I can breath deeper and I am happy and for today, that is enough.

12 thoughts on “Just For Today…

  1. “Maybe it isn’t about an end at all but rather the beginning of what’s yet to come.”
    –And wear less clothes to let the skin breathe and take less time to get dressed in the morning. And wake up not freezing. And all the wonderful serotonin levels in the brain increasing from the sunlight, giving the feel good chemicals…


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