Describe Yourself In One Quote


I love quotes. I have a fascination with them. I search them out, I apply them to life and use them to inspire myself each and every day. Of course I have my favorites, the ones that go so deep I feel like they stick to my soul. But if I had to pick one that describes my life up to this day, it would have to be this one. Here it is:


Have you ever thought about whether there is a perfect quote that seems to fit you? I would love to hear what it is. If you haven’t thought about it, give it a try. You might just learn a little bit more about who you really are.

My New Don’t Leave Home Without It Checklist


1) A GOOD attitude or just stay home

2) An open mind. Who knows what wonderful things are out there waiting for you to receive them?Be open and ready so you don’t miss out

3) Positivity. Keep it in your pocket to counteract the negative you’re guaranteed to come across

4) Kindness Magnifying Glass so you can look a little closer when you think there’s none of it out there

5) Megaphone in case you really need to get someone’s attention like your daughter, when she forgets to say goodbye when you drop her off at school

Help me add to the list. What did I forget?

Reality Vs Perception


Do you ever notice how much angst and worry and dread you can cause yourself because your perception of what something is going to be like is completely off balance with what the actual experience is going to be? The torture and dread that we purposely drag ourselves through can be debilitating and mind consuming at the very least.

I got a crown today. I mentioned before that I already have an unrealistic fear of the dentist chair. I am not too proud to admit that. I can’t even count to a number high enough to tell you how many times I have pushed this day off and completely canceled my appointment. But, recently my tooth secretly started hurting. I figured if I didn’t acknowledge it, then it wasn’t real. Well, it didn’t take too many months to pass to lead me to the very sad conclusion that the pain was, after all, very real. So today I grumbled to myself as I sunk in the chair, but you know what? It was not a big deal at all.

I am proudly sitting in Starbucks wearing my new, temporary crown and I told my family, once the new one arrives and is placed in my head, I expect to be treated like royalty from then on. Will I ever learn? Will I ever recognize that I already have enough monsters to deal with every day so I do not have to use my creativity to design more in my very own head?

Now please practice, you have two weeks to properly bow to the queen.

Are You Contagious?


I am really working on trying to be more positive. I have to say, that all this time I am devoting to listing what I am grateful for has made a huge difference. However, I have also realized that if I sit unenthusiastically and in a monotonous tone say or think the words, there is little or no effect. The biggest catalyst and most important step is making the very difficult, conscious choice to let the actions and words of everyone and everything around me that is extremely negative fall away from what I carry through the rest of my day. I stop, I feel the frustration, I acknowledge it and then I do my very best to let it go. Some things affect me deeply, but if I can let go of even part of those things then I am still on the right track.

So, what do I do with my deeper negativity? The negativity, frustration and anger I feel towards people and situations? The negativity that has grown alarmingly large at such a fast pace? I write it down. I blog about it. I leave it on the paper and then I just move on. That is one of the reasons some of my posts are filled with so much emotion, I have to get it out so there is room for something better. But, I don’t want to dump it on my readers, so it is for your benefit that I continue to purposely post inspiration and positivity.

On that note, count your blessings and give someone you don’t know a great big smile today. Make your smile contagious and see how far you can make it spread!

There Is No Greater Love


12 years ago I was a given a gift. I was given the opportunity to raise and love a son. Secretly, I had hoped that he would be a girl. I already had one of those, so another one would be a cinch. But a boy, what in the world would I do with him?

It didn’t take long for his playful personality and belly laugh to completely kidnap my whole heart. He was easy going and he went with the flow while his new life mostly revolved around his sisters schedule. He played so hard he would pass out for hours and would wake with a beautiful smile on his chubby little face.

I’ve always known there was something very special about him. He is different from many other boys. He will never meet the tough, macho stereotype, for it is his heart that is his biggest and best feature. He is caring and he pays attention enough to notice the little details. He tells me to have a nice day every morning when I drop him off at school. Every time he hears me upset, he is the first one to ask if I’m alright. He is tender and emotional and he feels things deeper than most. He is a lover and a fixer and never too proud to say he is sorry. He has written me beautiful words that I will cherish until the end of time. He is silly and playful and probably more immature than he needs to be. Never in a hurry to grow up and never in a hurry to get anywhere really. He takes each moment as it comes and doesn’t give more thought to anything more than he actually needs to. He knows struggle. He knows how to put in the extra work just to play on a team. He has put ridiculous amounts of hard work in to finally beat his struggles in school. He has an impressive attitude and even when things seem hopeless, he never gives up. Even when people don’t notice he exists, he tries evens harder than if they were looking. He likes to please and when someone takes a moment to point out something good, his growth in self confidence is beyond something that could ever be measured. He’s been passed over and pushed aside while he secretly waits for a little attention, he is my quiet little warrior with a great big beautiful spirit who never, ever gives up. He is playful and goofy and the sound of his laugh still warms my heart that has grown bigger and softer from having him around. One thing is for sure. He loves his mom. And you know what? There’s no doubt how much she loves him too.

Happy birthday little buddy. I can’t wait to watch you enjoy life as a 12 year old. It’s hard to believe in a short year, you too will be a teen.

Where did all the years go? It seems like yesterday he was a sweet little baby laying in my arms. This year I watched him confidently walk into middle school. My little guy with freckles and blond reddish hair. He has grown in ways that make me proud. The effort and the growth that has paved a path in front of each new accomplishment amazes me every day. He is perfect just the way he is now. I pray that life never changes the smile on his face and that it is the smile on his face and in his heart, that not only changes the world but also makes it a better place.







When The Systems Broken


When the systems broken where do you go? There is no magic place to turn where you can click your own heels and return to a simpler time. A time when people could believe in the power of justice and know that the system would guard and protect them from what is so blatantly wrong.

I heard the news yesterday that the judge in Justina Pelletiers case granted permanent custody to the state of Massachusetts. I read it twice and then once again. I must have misunderstood something. Now that people all over the world were standing behind the family of this pathetically abused young girl, surely the power of the people could force the system to do what’s right.

My stomach is physically ill at the thought that we place power, real power to decide our fate, our health, our life into the hands of people that lack the ability to ever admit that they are wrong. Is that saying the whole justice system is corrupt? Of course not, but look around at the crazy things people have gotten away with over the past few years that many would never have thought possible. How can this be? I’ll tell you how because I have dealt with this kind of situation in organizations myself. The problem is this. Someone makes a bad decision, off the charts, horrible, bold decision. The rest of the system, not wanting to look bad, will back any action or person regardless of how ridiculous the circumstance, regardless of how clearly obvious it is to the majority of the world that the decision or action was horrendously wrong.

They say birds flock together. You’ve heard that one right? Well power hungry, egotistical birds who base their decisions off of their own pride flock together so tightly that they become one. It is crazy but it happens. They don’t care what the whole world thinks, if they made a decision then that’s that. That decision is never going to be changed. Oh, and try and challenge it, and that nasty flock of birds will attack you so painfully hard that you may not even remember what you were fighting for in the first place. Then, looky here, that corrupt system points a big, fat finger back at you and all of a sudden you are not the victim. They will point to your every flaw regardless of the cost until they make you look like an unstable, emotional, angry, dangerous lunatic that actually may need to be examined yourself. After all, you are out of control and need to be contained by the power hungry dogs. And all the while, the flock laughs to themselves as the system supports their plump, lazy tail feathers and slowly, one at a time, they destroy lives. The attention is now off of them and onto you my friend.

I’m sorry but if We The People back down, then what will it be next? They are already ripping our kids out of the stronghold of our arms and why? Because we love and protect them and fight with our entire being to do what actually is in the best interest of OUR child? But what the hell do we know? We are just the parents and too stupid, or uneducated to ever really know what’s best. That should be left to a total pompous stranger that doesn’t have the courage to even consider how protecting their own arrogant selves is absolutely destroying other peoples lives. But what do they care. At the end of the day, their flock will be there clinking mugs and singing Ride Sally Ride, all the while knowing, every little conquer is just another step forward to owning a more powerful belt. And what are you going to do about it, little, insignificant you? Who is going to stop them? Remember, birds of a feather flock together, do you even know the size or depth of the flock? No, you don’t my friend but you can bet it is out of control if they can pull off a stunt like this one.

If you are not familiar with this story and this girl, I am begging, for her sake and for yours, do not look the other way.

What Difference Does It Make? Hang On. I’m About To Tell You!


I’ve been hearing a particular phrase over and over again lately. Frankly, I find it ignorant and insulting. Now that I’ve let my judgmental side speak, the rest of me would like to join in too. The phrase is this.

What difference does it make?

That is a very serious question that merits considerable contemplation. I find it frightening when someone who holds a powerful position whether it be a person in our own government, a teacher, a coach, etc has the audacity to respond to a legitimate question with this response. When someone in power makes a decision concerning the welfare and the outcome for the important people who put their trust in them, don’t you think they should at least have the moral awareness to consider how what they do affects everyone around them? Don’t you think they owe the people who are affected by their choices and actions the decent courtesy of an explanation?

This attitude of don’t ask because I’m not going to tell is offensive to the many kind hearted and wonderful individuals who do care about the mark they leave on this world and the people they come in contact with. I say this, if you don’t think enough about yourself to think what you do matters than fire yourself and get the heck out. A bit brutal, maybe, but the consequences left behind from someone with this mindset hurts our country, our schools, and many organizations that strive everyday to do good, to serve and honor the people and make sure they get the very best of whatever it is that they deserve.

If you have to respond with “What difference does it make?”, then I think you’ve already realized on your own that you aren’t really making a difference at all. Perhaps you should take a good, long, hard, loving look in the mirror and say those words as you stare back at yourself. Just a suggestion. And if you aren’t making a difference, shame on you because you were put in a position to do exactly that. Don’t be a waste of your own talent. Step out of your ego and consider someone other than yourself because the truth is you aren’t any more or less important than anyone else standing around you. Step off the pedistal and try a different view. Maybe then you will get a grip and a glimpse of a new perspective.

Listen for that phrase. If I’m hearing it more and more, I’m sure you will start hearing it too. And be ready and waiting with your response because the world deserves someone to stick up for it.

Rant over.

Nightmare On my Street


Coming to you straight out of Dream Moods Dictionary:


To dream that you are screaming symbolizes anger and fear. You are expressing some powerful emotion which you have kept pent up inside. If you try to scream, but no sound comes out, then it indicates your sense of helplessness and frustration in some situation. No matter how hard you try to get someone’s attention, they cannot hear you. The dream highlights your difficulty in communicating with this person. You need to immediately identify your fears or feelings and confront this situation in real life. Alternatively, your inability to scream may be a form of REM paralysis.

Okay, so I posted recently that I have been having nightmares. Last night was no exception. This one was different in a very distinct way. For years, I have tried to cry out for help in my dreams. For years, I have opened my mouth and made several attempts to squeak out the tiniest hint of noise. There I was standing there paralyzed in fear helpless because I had no voice.

I am happy to report that after 42 years of living I have finally found my scream. It woke me up and the sound of it scared my waking self half to death but as soon as I realized what had happened I could not stop laughing. Why did I find it humorous? I have no idea but I think it because I have overcome some type of obstacle. I have moved to the next level of conquering whatever it is I have been trying to battle. And the truth? I woke up feeling really, really good today. I feel stronger and happy and hopeful. I am that warrior at the end of the day who recognizes the power he holds in his sword. And, yes, I am a little crazy so we will have to allow that in the mix too.

Maybe there really is some truth to this silly dream dictionary. Maybe I really do feel better because whatever I have been holding quietly inside has found a direct tunnel out. Maybe my scream was a symbol of emotional release or that I am finally feeling like I have a grip on things and the power I need to muddle through exists right there inside of me.

Bizarre post I know, but one I was excited to share. Have you ever tried to scream in a dream? If so, did you have a voice?

It’s A Feel Good Kind of Day


What will today bring? Look for the good all around you even if it is hard to see. Put on your great big positivity glasses and squint if you must, but make it your mission to seek it out. I have made a promise to myself to notice 3 things an hour that bring me peace. It may be little things, like making it through the yellow light before it turns red and being mindful of the things I am grateful for that I often forget to be mindful of. Sometimes, we have to tip the scale. We have the power to do it if we have the perseverance to make a continual effort. So, today is my own little Feel Good Gratitude Day. Sometimes, when it is change you seek, then you have to choose a new and mysterious path. It’s okay to venture off monotony road and hop onto discovery trail. Get out there, explore, and make it your mission to feel good today. I always welcome company so feel free to come along.