Through the Looking Glass


I am trying really hard lately to see the world through empathetic glasses. Sometimes, whatever it is we are focusing on we become. When I look around me, there is no doubt that criticism is alive and well. The way I see it, I have two choices. I can join in and raise my voice to support the critical crowd or I can choose to be silent. Sometimes, silence really does speak louder than words. The quickest way to change a topic of conversation is by not responding to it or giving it any attention at all.

We are all like a gigantic human microscope. Whatever it is we look for we are guaranteed to see. The beauty lies in the choice of how we adjust our vision. Are we going to make an enthusiastic effort to see the good in people or are we going to use our glass to find more fault? It’s a battle and we have to focus our attention on making the conscious choice to look for the good. It is there somewhere beneath the dirt that has caused the distortion in the view through our glass. So, clean it off and look again and find something, even if it’s only one thing, that is positive about everyone you come across. You may be surprised how this new view changes not only what you see but also how you think and feel. And seriously, how would you feel if everyone was looking at you through a magnifying glass willing and waiting to point out every flaw? Certainly, we have better things to do with our precious time. I know I do. And remember,sometimes when you peek through the looking glass you will see your own reflection. Don’t be afraid to look. If you are lucky that reflection will be a positive one, a true reflection of how you are looking at everyone and everything around you. If you don’t like what you see, clean off the glass and look and again. The choice is always available if you are willing to choose differently.


5 thoughts on “Through the Looking Glass

  1. I go for silence all the time, it’s habitual now, I just learn’t its the easier way too, not so many arguments of friction. The time I rise up is if i am in a situation where other people are being influenced by someone else in something I feel strongly is wrong x


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