Why when someone is expected to do something do they avoid doing it and the second it is not required of them anymore and you replace it with a new requirement do they start to do the original one and ignore the replacement one? Why? Just why?

I don’t want to believe people are just difficult and dig their heels in the sand but what am I supposed to think? Yes, of course I am referring to school and I guess just people in general. We changed Chases 504 accommodations because the teachers were not following them and now they are not doing the new accommodation but now magically willing and able to do the one they were expected to do all year long. Maybe this is a test because I have made a promise to myself to see the best in everyone and really give them a fair chance. My word is important but I am struggling with this one. Actually, on a positive note, 3 out of 4 teachers have been doing both the old and the new accommodation so really it is just one stubborn mule challenging me to a very painful head butt. My head already hurts. Do I fight this battle or consider 3 out of 4 a win? This is not supposed to be an option and who is supposed to make sure people do their job these days? Anyway, I will try and remind myself there is a purpose for everyone in my life and surely it is more than to give me a headache. What do you think?

9 thoughts on “Why???

  1. Keep fighting. I’m thrilled 3 are finally doing it, 4 should be. His education is way too important. He is way too young to not like school because the teacher doesn’t want to care


  2. This sort of thing really sucks. This is a very shaming things for everyone. Please don’t go for 3 out of 4 because quality matters not the quantity, One can bring the difference and you have go on. Please, do something which will remain as satire for those who ignores which will finally into humiliation. Don’t change your path, but draw others to your path…

    Glad to hear that you are teacher..



  3. This is very tough indeed. Especially when it comes to your own child. It is so great that at least 3 are doing well. However, like you, I would be frustrated with the one that isn’t. Having a son that has Asperger’s syndrome. And I swear there’s ADHD in there too. I get sooooo frustrated, even end up crying with him sometimes after trying to do homework together.
    Hang in there.


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