God’s Not Dead


If you are familiar with these three words, I am guessing you saw the movie too. Actually, a fellow blogger wrote a review on the movie and I was intrigued enough to go and check it out for myself. I personally enjoyed it. I love a book or movie that moves me. I love to walk away contemplating my own beliefs and why I feel so strongly about them.

I’ve learned a few things recently. The first is that religion divides. Religion makes people hate and act poorly toward one another. It is used as an excuse to hate, but it is not the religion itself but rather the people and the way they interpret their religion that causes us to get it so wrong. We get caught up in our humanness and it confuses what is real and what is not. My God does not hate. He accepts, He forgives and He loves, period. However, it is the fault of the people and their need and desire to push their beliefs on others that causes the greatest divide. People need to learn on their own. People need to see on their own. Sometimes, there are not enough words in the universe to change someone’s mind. The more we try, the more resistance we face. We are all entitled to our individual beliefs and who are we to tell another what they should believe as well. People love to argue over whether or not there even is a God and the hypocrisy is that by believing and pushing beliefs on someone else is like taking on the role of God yourself. I’m right. You’re wrong. Who do we think we are, acting as if our own truth is more real than the truth of another? What makes us think we have the right to push each other around and call each other hateful names? This is not love or peace or acceptance. This is ego and attitude and power. Those words do not exist in my version of religion.

I believe it is up to each and every one of us to decide for ourselves. When you come to your own truth it just feels right. It speaks deeper than words and is palpable in ways that words cannot express.

I have learned that religion is very personal. It should not be debated but should be respected. Remember, someone else’s truth is just as real to them as your truth is to you. For me, I do believe in God and I am proud to share the message of the movie. God’s not dead. It’s not up for discussion. It is the right choice for me. I respect everyone regardless whether you believe or not. That is your prerogative and your personal choice.

The movie was a pleasant surprise. I did not walk in with any expectations and the story held my attention all the way through. Will you see Tom Cruise or Demi Moore? Definitely not but it is worth seeing especially if your mind is open.

18 thoughts on “God’s Not Dead

  1. I agree that religion is not what God intended. I believe that God is a God of relationship. That’s why we’re so relational. I just have difficulty in believing that there are all sorts of ‘truths’. If there are all sorts of truth, which one is true? Just my thoughts… But I do believe and agree that I can’t force anything on anybody. And I am totally against arguing about whose right or wrong. That’s just silly, don’t you think? hehehe
    Actually, this film hasn’t been released in Brazil yet. I think it’s coming out in August.


  2. Mr. T’s youth group is going to see it Saturday but we have other plans. I’ve heard good things about, tho!

    And, I’m so tired of people complaining about Noah not being biblically accurate. That is is purely billed as a MOVIE. They don’t claim it is accurate, but I’m still going to go see it and be entertained! 🙂


  3. schroera

    Thank you for your thoughtful post. I agree with much of what you say. God loves, forgives and accepts. We should respect others. Arguing doesn’t help anyone. Your post, however, gives the impression that there is no objective truth.

    All religions can’t be right — what they believe and teach are in direct conflict with one another. A wise friend once told me, “If you try to stand for everything, you will stand for nothing.” It isn’t wrong to disagree or to tell someone you think they are wrong. We should just do so with respect and love. The Apostle Paul talked about “speaking the truth in love.” I believe the Bible to be true. I believe other religions to be false. That doesn’t mean I hate them. That doesn’t mean I will treat them disrespectfully, but I will disagree with them.

    I actually wrote an article on my blog based on this movie as well. If you have a chance, check it out. I’d love to know what you think. Thanks!


    • I just read it and you make some great points. I guess for me, when I look at everything unjust and terrible around the world , I know it can appear to some that God is dead or as you so eloquently reminded us in your post, that the idea of God is dead. People are losing faith and hope and I remind them that sometimes we can only see what we believe in our minds to be true. If we look closer, God is there. He is all around us in the kind and loving actions we see if we take the time to notice. It will be a debate until the end of time especially with science being shoved down our throats. It’s difficult as a parent because God is not taught in school even though many accept that theory for the beginning of creation. Everyone needs to decide for himself and you are right when you say that different religions refute one another. That just adds to all the confusion. Thanks for the comment and I enjoyed reading your post 😉


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