Chart your Own Course


I changed up my entire routine lately so you may have noticed I haven’t been doing a lot of writing. The truth is, the weather has been absolutely gorgeous here the last few weeks and with all the fun filled festivals going on, I guess you can say I’ve been doing a lot of living. One thing about me that will never change is I throw myself into anything I do. I just can never seem to do anything half way. Maybe it’s a good thing but it can be a curse as well. So time management has always been somewhat of a problem for me , but I’m not judging. If I have learned anything in my 43 years of living, it’s that time is so very precious. When I find something that feels good, I jump into it with both feet and don’t look back. I have given up on the voices that tell me what I should be doing and learned to listen to the quiet part of me, the one that stays in balance by the way it feels. Sometimes you have to follow your soul. It’s okay to let your mind and body follow. Who makes up the rules anyway? Who decides what is right for us? Who decides what we should do and how we should do it? If we answered honestly, we admit everyone has an idea and an opinion about all of those things, but the freedom you offer yourself when you stop serving and pleasing others feels amazing. You have to follow your own path, map your own course and sail your own vessel. Those people that want to step in and steer are nowhere to be found when you wander off course. So, be in control and decide for yourself because like it or not, it will always ultimately be your own hands on your own wheel. Steer wisely and live fully and never ever waste a single minute sailing through regret.

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