A Thing of the Past


I am baffled why so many of us are fixated on the past. Can we change it really? If we focus on it, are the feelings and pain that live there going to magically be released and healed? I believe what we focus on becomes our reality. We could have the most innocent intentions but revisiting and living in the past is like a gigantic wasteful trap. Why do we have to remember? Why do we have to dig it up? Why do we have to rehash and keep something that should never have happened alive? I just don’t get it. I’m not even sure I agree teaching history anymore. Every day is a new start, a day to wake up with the gift of life placed delicately in our clumsy little hands. Can we change the future by visiting the past? Will it prevent us from making the same mistakes or will it just be a reason to walk around life with a chip on our shoulder allowing us to believe we are victims? We are all victims but we are also warriors. Can we not stand on our strong legs and look to the future with a new powerful weapon of change? Maybe it is letting go and becoming part of the movement of rebuilding a better world that should be a place we visit often. What can we do today to make the world a better place? What can we do in this moment that will assure our kids will live in a healthier more loving world?

The serenity prayer has always been one of my favorites. I try and live by those words of enlightenment and strength. I believe the words are worth repeating each and everyday.


4 thoughts on “A Thing of the Past

  1. you look back on things when momentus or sad things happen in the present in your life or good and it puts things in to perspective and you wonder what on earth that was all about, move on, live in the now and present x Great topic


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